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The equipment that was installed included igniters that burn off any hydrogen generated before the gas can explode.
Treat the statement as a time bomb waiting to explode your chances.
The plan may have been to explode them en route, perhaps as the plane was landing.
Hostility toward others can explode into senseless violence.
The vista is even more aah-inspiring when fireworks explode up and down the coast.
Fungus spores explode in sync to attain higher heights.
The long-term picture, by contrast, is one in which rising health-care costs threaten to explode the country's budget.
Then create your own virtual volcano and watch it explode.
My head will explode because the entire pool will empty into my sinuses.
Methane gas isn't toxic to ingest, but it can explode.
Pressure builds in the magma until the gases explode violently from the volcano's vents.
The point is life forms did not explode into advanced life forms they evolved.
Lighters run out of fluid, leak and occasionally explode.
When flammable powders are dispersed in the air, they can explode.
But its biggest metropolises conspicuously failed to explode in size.
Tigers eat the bait, and then die when the bombs explode in their mouths.
Once ignited, combustion would propel the torpedo to its target, where it might explode.
There is no center of the universe, the big bang did not explode from a central point and then expand out.
Whirlpools spit wide swaths of foam, and seven-foot standing waves explode into the sky.
If you are one who understands science, their statements may cause your head to explode.
And sixth, he would establish a process to identify systemic risks before they explode.
On tenterhooks and ready to explode due to problems which cannot be addressed so soon.
Ionized hydrogen is emitted as the colliding gases of these galaxies explode into new stars.
The moment a crisis arises, the demands on the time of the independent directors explode.
On the drum-roll, the processors pause, and golden flares explode either side of the statue.
For example, the population of deer or rabbits would explode without the presence of a predator.
User-generated online content will begin to explode in education.
Sub-surface mines are dangerous for miners as tunnels can collapse and built-up gas can explode.
The bombs did not explode, and no one was ever charged.
Cars explode, jails and hospitals are blown up, bombs are put in people's mouths and sewn into their stomachs.
Then the whole slope seemed to explode, and he disappeared.
They explode in the mouth with a pleasingly juicy pop.
When they collide, they explode into dozens of other particles, even more infinitesimal and fleeting.
Finally, after sale, no advance review copies were sent out: the bomb was to explode all at once.
As stun grenades explode and bullets fly through the air, terrified residents scurry for cover.
Meanwhile, the first engine that caused trouble was about to explode.
They, too, used apocalyptic fantasies to explode the meaninglessness of the postwar greenhouse.
Probably someone had told him that dynamite had to be jarred to explode.
Our economy would explode with the energy these refugees would bring.
And some nights the sky would explode with shooting stars.
Absent changes in public policy, a financial time bomb could well explode.
At some point it burned its way into the left main gear well, but it did not explode the tires.
He is forestalled only when an enemy shell lands in a near-by mine field and fails to explode.
Being a name brand battery isn't always a good indicator that a battery isn't one of those that might possibly explode.
Heat from solar flares or a rocket engine's exhaust could evaporate the fuel or cause the tanks to expand and even explode.
Such conditions include overcharging or collisions, which can cause the batteries to combust or even explode.
The problem with halogen is they get super hot and you can't touch them or the oil on your hands makes them explode.
It's a fascinating field in chemical engineering which is sure to explode in the next few years.
Yet is exploded at so high temperature, caused nitrogen to explode.
Highly radioactive substances have a tendency to form criticalities and explode.
It was only left to explode the atom, which is made of an electroweak cover and a strong nuclei of quarks.
Diners in hotel restaurants enjoy a meal while watching fireworks explode over the falls.
To achieve those returns, and not to explode in the process, was quite a trick.
No one quite knows in whose hands these little bombs will ultimately explode.
In fact, calculations show that protein molecules will explode within a fraction of a second of being placed in such a beam.
And if things do go wrong, there is no tank of fuel to rupture and explode.
The directors should have defused the trouble rather than explode it publicly.
Look, the population is set to explode again in the future.
As the boat rocked, the iceberg rose again, and the upper end of it seemed to explode.
One of the tanks continues to burn, and officials fear the fire could cause a sixth tank to explode.
Concrete buildings explode into clouds of dust and rubble, and fires break out by the thousands.
That's because, with current technology, odds are low of finding planets around a dying star about to explode.
Each powerful sprinter, poised to explode when the gun went off, was keenly aware of what hung in the balance.
Penicillin, for example, weakens bugs' tough outer wall to the point that many of them simply explode.
Without gravitational wave radiation, the torus would either explode or be swallowed instantly.
We also knew that astrophysical arguments suggested about one star would explode per galaxy every century.
Methane has a tendency to explode, which soon made this an urgent matter.
The pace of extrasolar planet discovery is about to explode, thanks to a new space-based observatory.
It certainly has allowed the population of the world to explode.
Perhaps it will eventually explode into a devastating trophic cascade and ecological disaster.
The note heats up and pushes on the core's outer shell until the intensity of the sound causes the star to explode.
In the process, meteors may produce exciting surges of brightness and may even explode.
The bright spots show where sunspots congregate and solar flares explode.
To that end, pea plants evolved a gene that makes the pod explode, shooting the peas onto the ground.
Otherwise you're trying to run out a clock which will explode in your face.
Only when people fermented the grain would tetracycline production explode.
Must have thrown the button pushers off enough for them to make the rocket misfire and explode.
The hot heads with more hot air than facts will likely explode.
As a result, algae sometimes explode, clouding the once-clear lake.
They can explode, sending that energy out into space.
He didn't get too specific, but he did say something completely insane about comets that almost made my head explode.
No, but stars that explode make gold out of other elements.
The battery contained in the middle of candle could eventually explode.
Let your dreams explode and you will find the success you know you have the ability to achieve.
Although you may not be able to see or smell them, vapor particles in the air could catch fire or explode.
In addition, the device may explode on the ground, rather than in the air as designed.
Because of its thickness, it traps gases inside the rock, sometimes causing it to explode into the air.
May explode from heat, shock, friction or contamination.
Some of these gauges may leak highly flammable propane gas that could ignite or explode.
If so, their heads are going to explode when hipster fashion invades.
But, with a few exceptions, the birthday party has yet to explode.
Because that would cause what's left of my brain to ignite and explode.
Someone's not personally carrying in something that could explode, spread disease, or emit radiation.
The bombs have yet to explode, but the fuses have been lit, and there's nothing anyone can do to extinguish them.
If only a tiny fraction of that number came back and became subscribers, circulation would explode.
The bomb crashed into the house with impressive precision, but did not explode.

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