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Expectation to contribute to the department's general education offerings.
Only six months ago, the general expectation was that the financial world was about to fall off a cliff.
The scenario in the park had required no conversation, no prior acquaintance and no expectation of future interaction.
The cast is an expectation of what may yet be found.
All it requires is a reasonable expectation of getting better.
Significant scholarship is an expectation of the position.
The expectation of increased spending on roads and railways has helped to lift raw-material prices.
Ferries turned into floating markets and in village after village locals received them with great excitement and expectation.
The test measures the expectation that others will value the group over themselves.
The moral is that trust is ultimately about the expectation of rewards.
There is, however, no expectation of any advancement.
There are reports of a surge in gun sales, as militias rearm in the expectation of renewed strife.
So it was with giddy expectation that the team began to excavate a skeleton of an unknown bipedal hunter.
Consumers have shown a clear preference for streaming services, so it's a natural expectation on game consoles.
It was about finding a way to address the implicit expectation.
Some of that may be due to investors buying in expectation of a second half rally.
The holiday also carries an expectation of mischief that may be increasingly prevalent at championship-level sporting events.
Of course there are exceptions and reversals, etc but on average, this is the expectation.
And when those revelations don't manifest, it creates an expectation that the trove is neither useful nor significant.
The main opposition party is savouring a victory beyond all expectation.
Hunter had become hunted and the bridge held the taut expectation of ambush.
Increasing one's salary is, of course, another expectation.
History,culture,Music could be sent with no expectation of a reply.
These are written with some concern for professional credibility and in the expectation of selling comparatively few copies.
So the prices of securities may have reflected the expectation of inflows of foreign money.
Yet this largely reflects speculative capital inflows lured by the expectation of a currency revaluation.
People have been buying purely in the expectation of capital gain, regardless of the underlying income stream.
It was evident that the hour had come for a nomination, and everybody was on the tiptoe of expectation.
The attendance of spectators was quite large, many persons having been attracted doubtless by the expectation of hearing.
The book is a lesson in the limitations of rational expectation.
Also, new evidence from the field of quantum physics would indicate that the expectation of an observer affects the results.
The rush he claims to feel after injection is called expectation.
She said the college has every expectation that enrollment will continue to increase and wants to be prepared.
The weight of expectation had left him mentally exhausted, he said.
Increasingly, they are graduating into a world of overblown expectation and debt.
There is no expectation of confidentiality of behavior at a library.
Horse-trading has already begun in expectation of a hung parliament.
But, it was all the expectation that there is this order in the universe.
Most of these patents are probably filed with the expectation that they will be ignored.
The company cut its dividend in the expectation of further withdrawals this year.
What you're trying to do is change the expectation around collaborative writing, say, or around scheduling.
Shoot in low light with any reasonable expectation of image detail.
Every academic on the tenure track feels the expectation to put work first.
If you must share your future ambitions, never confuse aspiration and expectation.
The expectation of the vital and great can only be satisfied by the demeanor of the vital and great.
As yet, it must be owned, this daring expectation is but feebly reflected in our books.
It's not written with the expectation to actually inform you about a topic.
They were deployed with the expectation that they would prove that the ocean was warming.
Against reasonable expectation, the turtles clearly sensed differences in geomagnetic angle.
But it can also create a misleading expectation that leaks represent huge new revelations.
Imaging studies show that excited nerves signal from the auditory system to activate expectation and reward centers in the brain.
Certainly there should be no expectation of a reply.
Not easy to realize, convince admin and so on, but still done in expectation of delayed but productive research collaboration.
The expectation is that you will ask some questions and then take a few days or a week to make your decision.
There is an expectation that you should be able to get money out as well as put money in.
It turned out that the problem was my expectation of what they already knew and their lack of effort in internalizing my feedback.
Students do not have the cultural expectation that they will be studying in college, although some do study.
The question of whether a certain technique is a search or frisk under the law largely turns on the subject's privacy expectation.
The process becomes corrupted as folks begin to drift from truth discovery to expectation management.
They understood that uncertainty and the disappointment of expectation were inherent, not contingent, features of economic life.
She said she stayed by his side in constant expectation.
Rulers must live in the constant expectation of war.
With less expectation of war, neither superpower felt compelled to mobilize its citizens for war.
It's not a lie, but at the same time, it doesn't create such a high expectation in terms of wealth and privilege.
The expectation for a rate cut at year's end represents a significant change.
Clear communications on expectation of employees are important.
The expectation is that talks will resume when he returns from vacation.
Given a household's income, there is a corresponding mathematical expectation of level of consumption.
It was out of the teacher's expectation because the teacher thought it was a rain day.
Until the last century, there was no expectation that artists would constantly change styles and messages.
Declining demand causes prices to fall, so people buy less with the expectation of further lower prices, so prices fall lower.
Expectation-driven policy is an uncertain affair: the upside is limited, but if it isn't credible it can have no effect at all.
Now, in any negotiating situation, it is normal to reject an early offer in the expectation that it will be raised.
There were plenty of incentives to take risk, in the expectation that someone else would pick up the tab when things went wrong.
For another-and let's not fool ourselves here-it resonates with their expectation.
That's capitalism and those who want to opt out of risk should have no expectation of remaining wealthy.
As inflation, fuel prices, and wages increase there remains an expectation that airlines continue to offer the same bargain fares.
Part of the reason that art costs more than wallpaper is the expectation that it might appreciate in value.
She says she doesn't believe there is an expectation of privacy for public officials on public property doing public duties.
With the expectation that stocks and real estate will yield less in the future, all of us will have to push back our retirement.
Most people can attest that the mere expectation of relief can somehow prompt the body to respond.
They probably expected to feel better, and that expectation can be powerful.
Answering messages the moment you get them creates an expectation that you will always respond as quickly.
We're perpetuating a cradle-to-grave expectation of hotness.

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