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The department will use the estimates for budgetary purposes.
Can anyone give me a rough estimate on the entire download size of the beta.
The team estimates that shoreline habitats such as mussel beds affected by the spill will take up to 30 years to recover fully.
Scientists estimate the volcano formed fewer than 200000 years ago.
In Congress, the estimate met with a sober response.
This estimate may be conservative.
Administration officials said the new cost estimate was not ready .
Get another estimate, but start looking for a new car.
These two pictures were among the five that sold above their top estimates.
Get an estimate from one company then see if a competitor will beat it.
Scientists can estimate the ages of these dinosaurs by examining their bone microstructure for growth rings.
It's pretty stressful, so it's important not to over-estimate how much you can do.
That's still an insane total, but it's also much more reasonable than your estimate.
Nobody could give an accurate length estimate because there has never been a systematic survey.
The government's latest estimate of the size of the spill is thirty-five to sixty thousand barrels per day.
By one estimate, he has bought enough to make more than five billion chocolate bars.
Breaking down the factors that influence the travel expenses results in a more accurate estimate.
Of course, a lot can happen between now and then, so any timetable is a rough estimate.
In between, it uses administrative records and surveys to estimate monthly averages for births, deaths and net immigration.
For example, the students could not estimate if their car had enough gas to get to the service station.
Conservationists estimate that, for every animal killed legally in a hunting season, one animal is lost to poaching.
Their team based their estimate on the decay of radioactive uranium found in tiny shards of zircon taken from the bedrock.
Scientists estimate that perhaps only a few hundred pairs remain in the wild.
The final piece of the puzzle is to estimate what effect such a drop in lending would have on the overall economy.
The last ten years it was not this high, and some now estimate it to be near zero.
Volunteers had to estimate which of the two was travelling faster.
Their gauge provides an estimate of the benefits of keeping the two merger candidates apart.
The gravity measurements from the ground or the air will enable us to estimate how deep the water is in the lakes.
In one condition, participants simply gave a second estimate.
They estimate that those compounds indicate that millions of different chemicals are present in the meteorite.
It's still an estimate that seems highly questionable.
Conceit implies an exaggerated estimate of one's own abilities or attainments, together with pride: blinded by conceit.
The best way to estimate the safety of a landing is to look at the acceleration.
The first down-time estimate was a day or so, then it became months.
It's possible to do a crude estimate of what it would cost us to replace nature.
Most calculations estimate that more than four million head of livestock and three million big-game animals graze on public land.
The entropy is an estimate of the amount of information needed to specify the state of the system.
By measuring how far they had to drag the tip to sever the wire, they were able to estimate the wire's breadth.
He also declined to give an estimate of the system's price.
In addition it needs real experts to estimate lithium reserves and whether it is economic to extract them.
It is not usually accompanied by a cool estimate of the possible consequences.
It doesn't estimate the amount immigrants pay in taxes.
As additional physics data became available, the estimate of reactor life was greatly increased.
By one estimate, the bank would have netted an extra billion a month in profits.
The witnesses on both sides vary materially in their estimate.
What's cool, too, is that this number isn't all that far off from what you can estimate using the report from yesterday.
From this the researchers were able to estimate the total greenhouse emissions due to land conversion.
By one estimate, parasites may outnumber free-living species four to one.
We should build databases to look for individual doctors who consistently over or under estimate.
Such speedy evolution, in actuality, is probably not sustainable over the long term-hence the lengthy new estimate.
The best current estimate is that on the order of one million years ago our species lost its fur, and developed dark skin.
The report does not estimate by what year those jobs will be replaced.
All estimates are based on regular hourly rates of wages and cost of materials prevailing at the time of estimate.
Please include this form will all estimates and estimate updates.

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