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Example sentences for escapade

Whatever else, the phrase came to signify some wild adventure or improbable escapade.
But my latest escapade overseas really took the prize.
And yet think of how much money has been spent on that escapade.
As the relationships progress, the robbery changes from a comedy of errors into a fatal escapade.
Even the shabby vaudeville escapade is given a veneer of lofty inspiration.
Then come the hilarious incidents concerned with the hull ring escapade.
But a year later another escapade brought him headlines and world fame.
Drag ready-made icons or drop a customized avatar on a playing field to concoct your electronic escapade.
In one escapade they had broken into a psychiatrist's office searching for a patient's file.
Or, take the kids out for an educational escapade at a museum, or a day of fun at a theme park or zoo.
Tim took a group of conferees out on his fishing boat for a memorable escapade.
The team immediately attempts a jewelry theft, but this escapade also turns sour.
The team immediately attempts a jewelry theft--but this escapade also turns sour.
His inexperience with the weapon resulted in a painful escapade.

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But a public oration is an escapade, a non-committal, an apology, a gag, and not a communication, not a spe... more
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