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Example sentences for enmity

It's that sort of behavior that has earned them such enmity.
They may be the "enemies," but I feel more pity for them than enmity.
International observers say continued enmity between the countries amounts to a grudge match.
There was no enmity among us.
Too bad that the enemies of this enmity cannot thus be friends.
Whenever the actors are gathered on stage, frightening manifestations of supernatural enmity plague the company.
While escaping, he confuses his spells and gives Garnish a serpent head, earning her eternal enmity.
Once again, the starfish had achieved victory and earned the undying enmity of oyster fishermen everywhere.
They were mortal enemies, an enmity that spilled over decades later.
Paradoxically, sometimes the enmity between them appears to be the sharpest.
Make the case that a never-ceasing dyad of enmity helps no one.
There is no enmity among scientists when a well-established theory is overturned in favor of a better one.
But some departments have long-standing cultures of enmity that make them truly miserable.
His methods, and the enmity they aroused, had a less forgivable reason behind them.
The exercise was excruciating, given the enmity and distrust that existed between the opposing sides.
And never mind that today's teens are actually crushed by enmity and want nothing more than cooperation and support.
It may sometimes suit both partners to play up their disagreements but the current enmity is thought to be genuine.
The enmity between two families are so deep rooted, country has become hostage to them.
To begin with, enmity between the two parties has not been growing simplistically and steadily.
The alternative is status quo and endless enmity, terrorism, and poverty in the region.
Many are making a link between their enmity and the arrests, but that remains speculation.
Those who deem the meeting a failure are ignorant of the deep-seated enmity between the two parties.
Each, too, was accused of being a turncoat and evoked bitter political enmity.
The history behind these headstones is a sobering tale of enmity, forgiveness and patriotism.
By doing so it exploits the enmity, across the political spectrum, for people in power.
Few airline executives elicit as much personal enmity from the troops as he does.
The affronts which he received, he always repaid with favours, and enmity with singular marks of charity.
The results of such a policy are known: the growth of national enmity, the impairment of mutual confidence.
No enmity seemed able to withstand the spirit of meekness and charity which his words and whole deportment breathed.
From personal experience, he developed an implacable enmity toward totalitarian regimes.
The testimony was emotional, and the parties hold much enmity against the other.
At the same time he must keep the peasants' favor, since he cannot survive their enmity.

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