enlighten in a sentence

Example sentences for enlighten

It can enlighten, amuse and enrage — sometimes all at once.
Obviously you care enough to enlighten us with your insightful reply.
Movies and music engage and enlighten me, but they don't steal my mind.
The message is that a public education system can enlighten some minds while failing to reach others.
If you would be so kind, please enlighten me as to the reason for the stigma.
In short, the consensus opinion glosses over stuff that could further enlighten investors.
Certainly, on some level, this profusion of sensory data has the potential to enlighten us.
Please enlighten everyone as to the experiments that can and can't be done in astronomy.
The article helped enlighten many specialists.
Let me try to enlighten him.
Brother, you say you have not come to get our land or our money, but to enlighten our minds.
Nonetheless, his insights into the larger concept enlighten.
Models should be seen as metaphors that can enlighten but do not describe the world perfectly.
In both books the elite uses power to oppress, not enlighten.
Again, these simplistic cultural stereotypes really do nothing to enlighten us, and meanwhile provide fodder for racists.
Perhaps someone more familiar with plague etiology can enlighten us on this point.
Intellectual elitism is but one of many socially constructed value systems which deprive the world it seeks to enlighten.
Perhaps someone with more technical knowledge about the fly-by-wire system could enlighten us.
There's not a lot more to discover that will in any way enlighten the human race, or make life on this planet better.
If there is logic and evidence to back up this position he does not enlighten us here.
Please enlighten the rest of us with facts, risks, and a better understanding.
It did, however, enlighten a new generation of cryptographers who would dare to work outside of the government's wall of secrecy.
Their personal experiences will enlighten and encourage us all.
Our goal is to enlighten and empower others through knowledge and understanding.
Appropriate, well-organized meetings also enlighten people about an agency approach and its openness to community involvement.

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