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Example sentences for emphasis

His new emphasis on mythology and classicism puzzles some dealers and buyers.
Their emphasis is on long-term growth.
The danger, however, is that too much emphasis on the stock cycle misses the underlying characteristics of this downturn.
Both parents graduated college and placed a great emphasis on education.
Like many other stereotypes, each of these contains an element of truth that reflects an emphasis on different moral values.
Too much emphasis is placed on traditional strategy and tactics.
He thought there was too much emphasis placed on salaries instead of retaining the integrity of the game.
Emphasis is on what's new, rediscovered, or otherwise noteworthy.
Exceptionally comprehensive information, with an emphasis on safety.
Emphasis on may, since no one from the art world's formidable establishment will authenticate the painting.
The culture also places great emphasis on spiritual healing.
He is currently investigating global migratory pattern in animals with particular emphasis on disease spread and zoonoses.
After working in advertising, he turned his skills to portraiture with an emphasis on natural history subjects.
Their emphasis was not on the technical capabilities of robots but on how they're perceived and treated by humans.
We also publish several regular service-oriented departments, with the emphasis on meaty, practical information.
However, their statements on this seem inadequate because the underlying emphasis is still geared toward species loss.
The company creates interactive entertainment for families with an emphasis on substance and safety.
The displacement of emphasis is unheard of as a means of expressing thoughts.
The new emphasis was now upon the nation rather than upon the state or section.
While members of the faculty publish and present frequently at conferences, the overall emphasis is on teaching.
Standard government hiring puts a heavy emphasis on applicants' experience in the public sector.
The president has placed heaviest emphasis on driving technologies calculated to produce economic benefits.
First, it is possible today for a university to significantly diminish an emphasis on legacy admissions without causing a riot.
But matters are far worse than the naïve reader would conclude from his pointed emphasis on the lamentable plight of the reviewer.
While retention and graduation rates are important metrics, placing too much emphasis on these factors may well backfire.
The emphasis here is on the idea of mapping rather than creating.
The president's proposal places heaviest emphasis on driving technologies calculated to produce economic benefits.
The emphasis is on romance, with special attractions available for couples, such as private candle-lit dinners on the beach.
The emphasis on natural growth comes from the year-round sunshine that encourages outdoor exercise and activity.
With a lot of players on one-year contracts last season, they're expected to place an emphasis on their own free agents.
It is a boarding school that puts as much emphasis on character-training as on footballing skills.
The programme emphasis is on leadership, and leadership development courses run throughout the first year.
One is an overwhelming emphasis on short-term fiscal austerity over growth.
The emphasis now is on filtering information before it reaches the user, he says.
The process has been accelerated by the new emphasis on homeland security.
The programme emphasis is on strategy and leadership.
The emphasis on family extends into old age: retired parents can sue children who fail to support them.
There is a moral dimension to its emphasis on recovery rather than harm reduction, but also an economic one.
The curriculum was therefore geared more towards consultancy with a strong emphasis on strategy.
But the emphasis this year was as much on playing down dangers as playing up volumes.
One factor that should perhaps get more emphasis is the role of the financial sector.
With bar mitzvahs or birthdays, the emphasis is on show: lots of food, but not necessarily quality.
He repeats himself for emphasis, and then-ever the showman-jumps to his feet, smiling at me over his shoulder.
His academic work has covered a broad range, with particular emphasis on the application of economics to law.
The speeches will place equal emphasis on the specifics of his package and on the urgent need for action.
But he defuses my libertarian impulses by his emphasis on participation and self-help.
One of the major themes in your work is that various economic changes have shifted more emphasis onto creativity and ideas.
Several messages in response to those items, with emphasis added.
He knows exactly what he wants to say, repeats it with emphasis, then stops.
What the state underscores is how a dysfunctional system of teacher pay rewards educators with little emphasis on merit.
Given this theory, the playing down of phonics and the emphasis on guessing words makes a kind of sense.
Often the old-timers who stay on cannot adjust to the new management's emphasis on profits above all else.
Most of them are mere shifts of emphasis, some are marginal tweaks, and a few are either substantive or nonexistent.
Throughout the month-long course, there had been no variables, no emphasis on responding to situations.
But it has soured many people on consumption and the emphasis on self.
The entire emphasis is on the body's manners, as opposed to its ability to move.
Both reflect back on the words before them, both color-in the lines, add emphasis and feeling.
The extensive emphasis on fitness equipment, memory systems and financial products can be read in terms of self-improvement.
The old emphasis on food security was undoubtedly costly, and often wasteful.
They're more issues of emphasis than they are major ideological differences.
The structure of the sentence, and of the article, puts the emphasis entirely on tactics and performance.
The emphasis on where federal spending occurs usually shifts, but total federal spending never decreases.
Changing the emphasis slightly, he asks my opinion of the referendum movement.
Ice climbers claw their way up ice formations of various kinds, including glaciers, with an emphasis on verticality.
These words appear, with emphasis, on almost every page.
He also promised an increased emphasis on gender equality and economic growth.
They recur with striking and mounting emphasis as the narrative shakes off its near-permanent hangover.
There's an emphasis on theatricality that tips off an intentional effort to shock.
More emphasis is needed matching treatment to the patient.
Instead, the emphasis has been on collecting evidence about the conditions in which microbial life might thrive.
Pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable, not the second.
Meantime, the emphasis on the performance of a single machine is a bit misleading.
Cognitive science, with an emphasis on computer modeling, was the hot new field.
It was not surprising that the physical anthropologists put a lot of emphasis on heredity.

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