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Example sentences for emanate

Morse code and sonar pings emanate from the radar room.
Isn't it amazing, the non stop stream of lies that emanate from the lips of warming denialists.
Screeches emanate from the rides in a rickety amusement park.
Greenhouse gases emanate from sources all over the world.
The specific vocal demands of the title role emanate from the character.
Most people assume that fine operatic voices emanate from the throat and a wondrous pair of vocal cords.
Memories of the rivalry often emanate from summer games in Boston.
The suppression extends over the unconscious ideation, because the liberation of pain might emanate from the ideation.
Popping out of the otherwise flat relief, he holds a staff in each hand, and rays of the sun emanate from his head.
Mostly this feels much the same as the phantom limbs of amputees-an illusion, from which sensations sometimes emanate.
Above the square neckline of her dress the skin, pallid, seemed to emanate a darkness.
In a matter of seconds, an eerie purplish light began to emanate from the lamp.
Perhaps porcine aeronauts will emanate from one of your bodily orifices.
The breakthroughs, when they come, emanate from others.
It will be his job to sift and synthesize the slew of contradictory proposals that emanate from these panels, and set priorities.
Off-pitch howls emanate from a surfeit of sidewalk karaoke bars.
Original art decorates three rose-colored rooms, where soft conversations emanate from candlelit tables.
Threats are global, and often emanate from transnational enterprises that rely on sophisticated information technology.
Additionally, the office provides support service for claims that emanate from the field offices located throughout the state.
Blocky andesite lava flows emanate from the base of the cinder cone.
The cranial nerves are composed of twelve pairs of nerves that emanate from the nervous tissue of the brain.

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