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Example sentences for elevation

What they got wrong was they didn't put the emergency back-up generators at high enough elevation.
But as nights get warmer, the mid-elevation forests are becoming the perfect breeding ground for the fungus.
The museum's east elevation will face a courtyard.
The vegetation of this ecoregion varies with elevation.
He went up into the cloud forest and caught 50000 moths and butterflies, and neatly tagged each one with date and elevation.
The school was rebuilt and its elevation raised.
The elevation also gives the homeowner an enviable vantage point from the range.
On a daily basis, exercise and leg elevation can be very helpful.
The average elevation in Bhutan is approximately 8000 feet above sea level.
Then he'd take a photograph, turn the print upside-down, and get his elevation view.
In this respect it stands on a moral elevation certainly equal to that of any government in the world.
As the channel deepens and the elevation of the river drops, the water table beneath the riparian areas drops correspondingly.
The researchers note that this elevation may be temporary and that further research is needed to quantify its duration.
His story has depth, it has elevation, and it has truth.
Nevertheless, they both cited reasons to applaud her elevation.
The scanner also detects elevation-the walker will stop at a step or curb.
The background color depicts sea elevation, with the intense blue near shore marking the storm surge.
Priests burned offerings at the top of the multilevel platforms, as each layer of society gazed up from its proper elevation.
At each elevation there were different animals suited to the climate.
It was medium light getting lighter in elevation, the colour being an eerie green-grey.
Many of those atomic particles are created by cosmic rays and will increase with elevation.

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