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Families eke out a living by growing what food they can and by fishing.
Most work on other people's cattle ranches or eke out a meager existence in shantytowns and resettlement camps.
The changes were made to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and eke every last mile from the battery.
Fewer still reached enough papers for the creators to eke out a living.
No one who tries to eke out a living from this land is untouched.
They used to grow millet in the lap of these gentle hills, and mulberry trees to eke out silkworms.
Still today, unable to return to their place of birth, they eke out an existence in refugee settlements.
Many fellows would previously eke out a living as poets or other skint professionals.
Families eke out a living here by growing what food they can and by fishing.
Humbled, they eke out their last days without protest.
Yet it is not clear whether the makers of these screens will ever be able to again eke out a profit.
In the surrounding countryside, farmers eke out a living growing a variety of crops, mostly rice and peanuts.
Yet computer buyers have demonstrated their willingness to eke out extra years from a home machine.
But many companies are still bleeding cash and desperately searching for novel ways to eke out savings.
They're trying to eke out lives in an ever-shrinking habitat.
It can make your own life feel as empty and attenuated as those of the people trying to eke out an existence on the screen.
My father was able to somehow eke out a living in spite of it all.
With arms of that caliber, it seems, the lineup only has to cobble together a handful of runs to eke out a victory.

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John Gilpin was a citizen Of credit and renown, A train-band captain eke was he Of famous London town.... more
The daughter of debate, that eke discord doth sow, Shall reap no gain where former rule hath taught still p... more
A farm is a good thing, when it begins and ends with itself, and does not need a salary, or a shop, to eke ... more
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