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The process, also called nuclear transfer, begins when a nucleus is removed from an egg cell.
Candling is a way of looking inside the egg to see if an embryo exists.
The wasp parasitizes the corn borer egg by depositing its own egg inside, killing the corn borer embryo in the process.
In ordinary cloning, the nucleus of an egg cell is replaced with the nucleus from a body cell of the animal to be cloned.
Fold gelatin mixture into stiffly beaten egg whites.
In turn the clinics pay egg donors fees that often run into thousands of dollars.
Wow your friends with a chemically goosed false egg.
Putting an egg into eggplant parmigiana is not as crazy as it sounds.
The egg deliveries were mixed due to general incompetence.
What is remarkable is the feature marked with an arrow, an egg.
Repeat on the other three sides of the cup and each remaining egg cup.
Add milk to beaten egg and stir into the dry mixture to make a soft dough.
The whipped egg whites, a network of bubbles, form a structure that captures air.
In a small bowl, slowly add some of the hot mixture to egg yolk beating constantly.
Once the container is complete, the bee fills it with nectar and pollen and lays a single egg inside.
When a human egg is fertilized, it begins to multiply.
Rather than stovetop stirring, you stabilize the soufflé by beating sugar into the egg yolks and whites separately.
The flies were given two different fruits as egg laying sites.
It will be seen that the baked apple and the raw egg are near the winning post, the egg being tied by the fish.
Nah, this would probably both raise legal concerns and brand your department as a bad egg for years to come.
Comb size in females is a good predictor of egg size, and chicks hatched from large eggs have a better start in life.
The raw egg starts to spin again because it has liquid yolk and egg white inside.
During their talk, they cracked an egg on someone's head.
No one wants to get egg on his face by having missed something obvious.
The bee fills the hole with nectar and pollen before laying a single egg inside.
Loss of egg yolk genes in mammals and the origin of lactation and placentation.
As egg whites are beaten, they stretch and trap air bubbles.
They then built a nest together to prepare for an egg.
Unfortunately, the solution to that problem isn't as simple as a date stamped on an egg carton.
She's eating and drinking, and yesterday, she laid an egg.
So she'll get the first steak and egg breakfast up and running.
Whisk the egg and milk together for a couple of minutes.
We shall see whether this approach works or not, particularly with her father and stepmother tending to egg her on a bit.
Each egg will be encased in a tiny tube floating in silicone.
So it behooves all of us not to egg them on with our rhetoric.
After the egg grows for a week, embryonic stem cells form.
Several half-developed queen cells with more than one egg in them.
Enthusiasts covet rare animals as exotic pets and hunting trophies as well as for insect or birds' egg collections.
Spencer then tried popping popcorn and making an egg using microwaves.
Gently grasping an egg in her mouth, she rolls it on her tongue, feeling for signs of life.
Dip the tomato slices in the egg mixture to coat evenly.
The researchers knew the family origin of each spider because they reared the arachnids from egg sacs collected in the wild.
Spoon the mixture into the center of the egg halves.
The mom and dad take turns sitting on the egg because they can't leave the egg alone when they're going out to catch food.
Soon after spawning, the egg membranes undergo chemical reactions that seal the pores that let water into or out of the egg.
Its outer layer is parchmentlike, which is characteristic of the ova of modern egg-burying reptiles such as turtles.
The economist is merely predicting that an egg is going to break moments after it rolls off the table.
What role the initiative process had in this deterioration is a chicken-and-egg question.
Consider the farm-fresh egg, the pristine symbol of the simple days of pre-industrial farming.
One of those conditions is a severe allergy to eggs, because in years past, all flu vaccines were based in egg serum.
The team then recognized they had actually found a snake coiled around a broken egg, with a hatchling and two other eggs nearby.
Because the moon orbits along an egg-shaped ellipse, not a circle, its distance from us changes.
The nests are amusing containers for egg-shaped scoops of ice cream.
The problem seemed, on the face of it, to be a case of egg-binding.
Then t ouch the spout to the surface of the simmering water in the frying pan and slip the egg in.
Jellyfish species have all kinds of offbeat common names: fried-egg jellies, cabbage heads, big reds.
Wherever she drives, she's trailed by the appetizing odor of egg rolls.
Others swoop close to their stars and then swing far out on egg-shaped paths, scattering smaller bodies as they go.
To some, this appears to raise a chicken-or-egg question.
Break each egg separately into a saucer, and carefully slip into a muffin ring.
Beat white of one egg slightly, and add one tablespoon powdered sugar.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper, dip in egg and crumbs, and saute in butter.
Line potato shells with mixture place in each cavity a poached egg, cover with potato mixture, and bake until browned.
Pare an egg plant, cut in one-fourth inch slices, and soak over night in cold salted water.
Cover canapés by quarters with egg, alternating yolks and whites.
Brush over with white of egg, and sprinkle with sugar mixed with cinnamon.
Drink is likely to stir a certain respect for an egg cup and more water melon than was ever eaten yesterday.
Egg-shells may be saved and used for clearing coffee.
Pour slowly on to the beaten white of egg, and beat until mixture will hold its shape.
To one cup pulp add one well-beaten egg, one-fourth cup flour, and season highly with salt and pepper.
Only females have stingers, which are actually modified egg-laying organs.
Egg tempera paint has been used by artists since ancient times.
Add flour to the beaten egg yolks all at once and continue to beat until smooth.
There's a scene where an egg cracks due to exposure.
After laying a single egg, the females make their perilous return to the fish-filled seas.
Golden cowries are egg-shaped with a flat base and a narrow opening.
For egg-laying hens, it's usually after one or two laying cycles.
Your egg has a comfy little home inside the ovary that provides it all the things a growing egg needs.
The egg can never be unscrambled, but it is only an egg by our definition.
In the basic nuclear transfer technique, scientists use an extremely fine needle to suck the genetic material from a mature egg.
The investigators found that the creature's morphology depends on which species the egg comes from.
What you are saying is that the chicken hatched from the egg and then laid the first egg.
Sometimes the only part of the experiment that sticks is the egg on the face of the researcher.
My concern with this article is that it doesn't address the chicken and the egg problem.
Sure push the limits, but don't have it be the only egg in your one basket in your science career.
One that draws a crowd today is the egg drop, held during orientation in the fall.
Industry and technology and scientists and egg heads have no subjective understanding of reality.
Also, in regards to cost, it's a chicken-and-egg problem.
On the show she whipped the egg whites, turned the mushrooms, and made an omelet.
You've got to get egg on your face to learn those things.
If bukkake isn't something you already think is hilarious, you probably don't want to read about the egg recipe.
Indeed, the whole war had become a chicken-or-egg question, around and around with no answer possible.
For lunch, students could buy egg-and-chorizo burritos from a catering truck that pulled onto the campus.
Depending on whom you ask, the structure resembles a tree or a badminton birdie with a golden egg at the top.
In the credit sequence, a fried egg took on an unnerving affinity to a sliced eye, and shoelaces resembled rope tugged tight.
Breakfast-omelettes, egg sandwiches, and bagels with smoked salmon-is served all day.
The ominous, cream-colored egg was the size of a pinprick.
It was a childhood of walks in the rain and egg-and-cress sandwiches.
She had a narrow, egg-shaped head that rose to a prominent point.
Embellish it with a fried egg and your own toppings and you've got a satisfyingly hearty breakfast, brunch, or weeknight supper.
Sprightly bits of lemon zest and garlic punctuate this creamy mayonnaise-based egg salad.
Meringue buttercreams are based on egg whites rather than egg yolks.
Add yolk mixture to well and gently stir with a fork, gradually pulling in flour closest to egg mixture to make a paste.
Dip eggplant slices in egg, then in bread crumbs to coat.
Brush top of pie lightly with some of remaining egg glaze.
Brush buns with some of egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
Whisk egg in another bowl, then whisk in milk and butter.
Slowly pour hot syrup in a thin stream down side of bowl into egg whites, beating constantly at high speed.
Egg whites give these quick, cheesy nibbles their exceptionally light texture.
Lightly brush each ball of dough with some of egg white.
Whisk in egg yolk, salt, and ground cinnamon until combined.
While syrup boils, beat egg whites with a pinch of salt in a bowl using an electric mixer at medium speed until foamy.
Pour egg mixture into well, then knead into potatoes.
Lightly brush dough with egg and sprinkle remaining cheese over pastries.
Add the egg and whiskey and continue to whisk until thickened.
Continue beating for two minutes after adding the last egg.
The dough needs to dry as much as possible so it then will absorb as much egg as possible.
These egg recalls are a perfect example of the hazards of industrial-scale food production.
Beat the egg white slightly, adding a spoonful of water.
Add the bean puree to the egg, sugar, and yogurt mixture until well-mixed.
Brush the pleated pastry with the beaten egg, then sprinkle evenly with the sanding sugar.
Gradually add enough egg whites to make a mixture that can be shaped into cookies.
Beat five egg whites with a pinch of salt until they are stiff, and set them aside.
In food processor, add sugar and egg yolks-puree on medium speed for three to four minutes.
Add half the flour-almond mixture to the egg yolks, stirring with a spatula to incorporate.
Egg whites are primarily protein and water, but it's the proteins we're looking for.
In a small bowl, whisk together the egg yolk and milk until blended.
Manufacturers use noodle to refer to a dough with egg, which can be sold fresh or dried.
Make a well in the middle of the flour and add the egg and yolk.
Use a wooden spoon to add the whipped egg whites into the mortar.
Architects of private currencies face a chicken-egg challenge.
To be fair, this introduces a bit of a chicken-egg dilemma.
Then came the hours practicing artful citrus peels, and the insouciance concerning drinks of raw egg whites.
But then came the chicken, served with a poached egg on a bed of spinach and golden raisins.
Whisk together the egg whites, water and olive oil and pour into the well.
Scientists estimate that each egg could have held one liter of water.
The snake is perfectly posed, with its head resting atop a coil and its body encircling a crushed egg.
He opens a jar of lipids, extracted from egg yolk, and mixes some of the clear oil into a small test tube of water.
The sun is egg-shaped if you hold the egg with the end pointing at you and looking at it that way.
Get a tapeworm egg in you, and you're in for a totally different experience.
After it is dried out, it is treated with an emulsifying mixture of tannin and egg yolk to make it soft and pliable.
In a way, it's the chicken-and-egg- or rather the cow-and-gelatin-capsule- problem.
Normally, chicken-keepers don't sweat it when their hens go through short egg-laying dry-spells.
Some scientists argue that this is because the risk in mistakenly rejecting a real egg outweighs the cost of raising a cuckoo egg.
When she finds one, she stings it and lays an egg inside its body.
If you are willing to ignore a lot of laws, you could do away with gene therapy and start with a human egg.
Other egg-containing nests would come close and, indeed, there are many egg-eating snakes that also have sharp cutting teeth.
Egg donation is becoming a big business in tough economic times.
The egg appears in many ancient traditions as a symbol for life, or life's beginnings.
Or plop into an egg-shaped easy chair and catch a minute's snooze.

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