effrontery in a sentence

Example sentences for effrontery

The naive effrontery of this book is more pitiful than ridiculous.
The sheer effrontery of the thing took my breath away.
He has the sheer effrontery of a movie star.
This effrontery has become part of his prissy jerky-boy routine.
The lawyer's natural effrontery did not desert him.
Abel dealt with the innocents, among whom he lived and schemed, with a kind of gentle effrontery.
But not without sundry twinges of impotent rebellion against the mild effrontery of this unaccountable scrivener.
The obvious effrontery to the court should not go unnoticed.

Famous quotes containing the word effrontery

He smiles and all the effrontery of all my race rises to meet his smiling, cynical face, and all my e... more
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