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Example sentences for eagerness

If you look upon a challenge with enthusiasm and eagerness, it will be more fun.
Early childhood educators can build on children's questions, eagerness, and enthusiasm to help them learn science.
Who would tell us, with unabashed eagerness, to taste the fruit of the trees.
The anticipation of pleasure apparently affected a player's eagerness to punish.
She faces him, eagerness dripping off the hairs of all eight legs, waves her palps gingerly in the air.
His eagerness to reshape the university is seen by many faculty members as either naïve or dangerous.
The eagerness with which the brain merges with tools has made it possible to create some stunning mind-machine interfaces.
As for me, the biggest off-putter was the easiness and eagerness of the protagonist to change side.
But he existed, and the eagerness with which he dispatched good people to their deaths means that he should be dishonored forever.
In other words, the gym asks you to put a price on your eagerness to not be lazy in the future.
In one's eagerness to remain within the emotional aura of a memorable game one laps up any silliness.
What drew him was their adventurism-their eagerness to push themselves way out there.
In his eagerness to distinguish light from color, he stared at the sun with one eye, to discover the consequences.
She comes at it as if it's her first job, with that level of excitement and eagerness and self-doubt.
Each was overawed by the other-he by her loveliness and eagerness to learn, she by his long and victorious life.
Almost every one listens with eagerness to extemporary history.
The father of the gods himself has denied effect to what foolish lovers in their eagerness have sworn.
The enemy, also, reaped some benefit of his eagerness for honor.
Which whoso beheld, with eagerness swelled to rush to the battlefield there and then.
Typically, organizations have minimal requirements in terms of skills and are more concerned with the eagerness to help.
Too many evangelicals welcome the biblical rapture with an unsettling eagerness.
Students must demonstrate ambition and an eagerness to work with animals.
Face it, eagerness to get into a prep is the same form of credentialism that is driving the craze to get into upper tier colleges.
But what does surprise foreign policy experts is that an eagerness to comprehend the world remains high nearly nine months later.
He is attracted by her intelligence and the eagerness with which she learns and offers to tutor her.
Sometimes, in their eagerness, they crash over the rails.
They also expressed eagerness to work on other aspects of the relationship, especially trade.
Such is his eagerness to serve that he has taken a low-profile job often given to unremarkable cronies of the president.
In their eagerness to minimise the risks of financial markets, investors sometimes exacerbate their wobbles.
Unsurprisingly, people's eagerness for reform drops when they are told they must share the pain.
Her early appointments and announcements will be scrutinised with unusual eagerness.
Demonstrate an eagerness and interest in learning through questioning and adding ideas.
Eagerness mixed with ambivalence influenced my slow walk.
Come with an open heart, curiosity, and eagerness to contribute.
Must demonstrate a curiosity and an eagerness to explore many and varied topics.
Staff with an eagerness to help refine how things are done are especially prized.
She was moved by their excitement and eagerness to learn about wildlife and different habitats and how appreciative they were.
Grows in eagerness to learn about and discuss a growing range of topics, ideas, and tasks.
Student evaluations of the course have been positive, parents are enthusiastic, and sixth-graders show eagerness to participate.
Diaries from the period joyfully record the fish's brilliant colors, trophy size, gourmet taste and eagerness to rise to the bait.
Toddlers displayed more positive head and body movements and more eagerness in response to complex than to simple textures.
They enter the caregiver relationship with idealism and have an eagerness to do well and make changes.
What biases do respondents create, however, by their eagerness to participate.
It was his eagerness to serve those around him, and to fight every day to make this nation safer and more secure.

Famous quotes containing the word eagerness

Everything is being blown away; A little horse trots with a letter in its mouth, which is read with eagernessmore
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There being in the make of an English mind a certain gloom and eagerness, which carries to the sad extreme;... more
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