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Radial nerve dysfunction is a problem with the radial nerve.
The real dysfunction began after a pool of candidates had been identified.
Some third effect could be triggering both the symptoms of autism and the mitochondrial dysfunction.
These findings lend credence to the concept that serotonin dysfunction plays a role in the disorder.
For the first time, a therapy had been proved to reduce dysfunction caused by spinal cord trauma.
It was interesting how you tied the characteristics of a small town to the dysfunction of your family.
Direct democracy in this form contributes to dysfunction.
Meanwhile, dysfunction of the mirror neuron system has been linked to developmental disorders, such as autism.
Cancer may also be in part a disease of telomere dysfunction.
It is true that there is some measure of disaffection and even dysfunction.
Get to the root of the cause: get some counseling for your emotional trauma, or remove the cause of neurological dysfunction.
No, the strong euro is a further sign of deep dysfunction.
But the procedure is invasive and carries risk of side effects such as depression and cognitive dysfunction.
Many of these have been shown to be linked to dysfunction or degeneration of the synapses.
She practically radiates a humane warmth that's jolting in an industry prone to social dysfunction.
And after the invasion he contributed to the early dysfunction on the ground.
The hormone alterations and immune dysfunction increase risks of reduced fertility, birth defects, and cancer.
Progressives offer no equivalently broad diagnosis of government dysfunction, much less an equally compelling remedy.
Today, the fury of public policy dysfunction seems beyond anyone's control.
It may already be plunging many inner cities into a kind of despair and dysfunction not seen for decades.
There, he set about to transform a village that could have been a textbook case of rural dysfunction.
Less commonly, pituitary dysfunction may appear more slowly.
Both films end on notes of exhaustion, confusion, and dysfunction.
It's no secret that money tends to bolster the emotional dysfunction that exists in all families.
Hence the dysfunction when skivvies are no longer available.
The military commission process was clearly plagued by problems to the point of dysfunction.
The report found likely causality of immune dysfunction, seizures and encephalopathy from some vaccines.
There are the physiologic complications, such as renal dysfunction.
The major drawback is memory loss and some cognitive dysfunction.
Indeed, many aspects of this central nervous system decline are accelerated and worsened in the setting of telomere dysfunction.
So some reach for a consoling but primitive explanation: it is all a misunderstanding, a kind of accidental dysfunction.
Psychiatrists were unable to find signs of organic brain dysfunction.
Dysfunction of the insula may also play a role in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Osteopaths call this alteration in how muscle attaches to bone somatic dysfunction.
But his life is still the usual toxic brew of dysfunction and frustration.

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