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Example sentences for duff

It would be good to see if the old body worked after sitting on my duff for the past hundred days.
When it was set up, it said it would not take on big, duff companies in over-crowded industries such as retailing and property.
But lawyers have always cared about making money, and giving duff legal advice is seldom a good business plan.
In fact, the one certainty is that the manager will eventually have a duff year when he earns no performance fee at all.
Government spending props up bad old habits, keeping duff companies going and rewarding their sins with plum public contracts.
But in the eighth year of an economic boom you would not expect to see duff loans rising.
It encouraged the managers to lend regardless, and it discouraged prudent provisioning against duff loans.
Much of the duff information came from ignorant sales people and junior staff.
Duff leaders were sent at first to run the inadequate police mission.
It conjures the image of a cyclist pushing or carrying his duff lump of transport instead of riding it.
Duff was also guilty of income tax fraud over a three period.
Duff admitted that he prepared fraudulent debit memoranda and withdrawal slips regarding these accounts to effect the withdrawals.

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