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Driver and vehicle information, consumer protection, elections department.
The vehicle had been there for two days, as its driver was staying at the hotel.
Construction will be another strong economic driver, especially as hydroelectric dam and road projects gain steam.
On one occasion he had a fight with a drunken and reckless driver who was urging to top speed a spirited horse.
Dismissing the driver she took the reins in her own hands and drove off at top speed through the streets.
He was a driver in the artillery, and had only come into action about seven.
The pair plunge-the driver has lost the reins-horses, driver and wagon go into a heap by a tree.
For example, the system could automatically slow the car if it senses the driver is hitting the gas pedal for no reason.
Within twenty seconds, the board reveals whether the driver's condition is suitable to drive.
And in nearly half of those, the driver never touched the brakes.
The officer took my driver's license, stepped away from the car to write up the ticket-then hastily returned.
The driver of the wagon was seen to have left it and fled from the scene.
At the starting line, a driver is waved onto the course every few minutes.
One day, a truck driver ordered that with a side of gravy.
Professors' salaries are a big part of budgets but are not the big driver of tuition increases.
Within a few years, cars will steer clear of accidents without any driver input at all.
Investigators will install a data collection system in participants' cars that measures an array of driver activity.
The obvious driver of this change is overpopulation.
With standard cruise control, a driver sets a desired speed.
The rest is up to the driver to check mirrors and still back out of the spot at an appropriate speed.
In contrast to the precisely controlled experiments described above, a typical driver does not operate under ideal conditions.
Up to that point, success on the circuit was primarily credited to a car's mechanics and the driver's capabilities.
My nephew was in a serious accident caused by a driver running a red light.
The teenage driver looks panicked, one hand clutching the steering wheel, the other hand clenching a cell phone.
The economics of mortgage origination quality was the driver of the catastrophe.
True, rapid population growth is not the main driver today of environmental threats.
Swinging his truck door open, the driver obligingly steps onto the cab seat and reaches for the roof.
The driver's date of birth and signature are embossed by laser engraving to make them sensitive to touch.
Door-to-door journey times could compete with public transport, with added convenience and without the cost of a bus driver.
When the system recognises that a lane departure is imminent, it bleeps or flashes to alert the driver.
For the time being, team managers will choose to use it depending on the type of circuit and the driver's girth.
If a car stops and it is not a yellow cab, that driver is breaking the law, and you are taking a risk.
Buying lots of booze does not make you a drunk-driver, but someone who buys little or none seems less likely to be one.
The incorporation of touch screens into portable devices is one driver of this growth.
If you don't, a car and a driver's license is enough to be self-employed.
Lately, technology has been the main driver of globalisation.
It has not identified, let alone surrendered, the driver of the other car.
The driver will communicate through a voice-activated microphone that is inside the car.
As truck fleets and policy makers aim to curb big rig fuel consumption, the secret weapon is driver behavior.
It also lends credence to the theory that damage to stem cells may be the main driver of aging.
The driver cracked a whip to get the mules' attention.
Its driver takes off running, abandoning a huge load of marijuana.
The main driver that causes earthquakes is the slow process of plate tectonics.
As she is now gainfully employed, her parents leave it up to her to pay the driver's salary.
One could reasonably expect biking to have turned me into a more empathetic driver.
It's full of stock characters, including a wise minicab driver who is forever making insightful remarks about the meaning of life.
But when it the economists took into account firm age, they quickly found that age is a bigger driver than size.
He shot pedestrians in the street and an ambulance driver who came to rescue them.
It required police to note the race of every driver they stop.
The driver sent three others to the hospital that night and was released by police.
They refused to answer any more questions and ordered the journalists' taxi driver to take them away.
If you pay your bills on time, then you're probably also a good driver.
She holds one hand flat as instructed, the brown carrot there, a gift from the driver.
The van was looping from one side of the road to the other, barely under the driver's control.
The driver asked for directions to a house they were renting with friends.
She had an enormous sky-blue car, which she drove perhaps too boldly, though generally speaking she wasn't a bad driver.
The gunman sprinted to a motorcycle, where a driver was waiting for him, and hopped on the back seat.
En route to the game, he explained lacrosse to the cab driver.
The pickup driver, who stood to one side smoking a cigarette, grinned.
His father's job was to roam: he was a truck driver.
On the way over, our driver tuned in to state radio.
Another driver then slammed into the pulled-over car, instantly killing the trooper who was standing next to it.
Send your choice words to the driver via text message.
The effect was to put the driver in a shiny aquarium.
Anyone who's ridden in a taxi knows that cab drivers know their way around a city better than the average driver.
With only small changes to the driver software they can be made to work.
Giving a driver feedback when they are overaccelerating can markedly influence the amount of fuel they use, he notes.
But the researchers' vision is for end users to be able to determine whether to install a driver or not.
With no engine or mechanical parts between the wheels and the driver's controls, the system offers great flexibility in design.
Any oil that doesn't run off on its own would be easily wiped away with water, making it unnecessary for a driver to use soap.
Sensors on the interstate will calculate any tolls and automatically deduct the proper amount from the driver's prepaid account.
The idea that they can be charged almost instantly fits right in with the driver mindset of needing to periodically refill anyway.
It can send reading to the car so that when the tire pressure gets too low, it will give an alert to the driver.
It's a rational strategy, and rationality does not seem to be the driver of hybrids.
Power in excess of what's needed due to driver inputs gets stored in the battery for later use.
IT-based entrepreneurship isn't the only potential technological driver of new jobs.
However when you factor in road subsidies, you could state the costs in terms of vast loses per driver road trip in a car also.
Approved driver-training courses for point reduction.
Find out how to request and prepare for a hearing to appeal a driver license suspension.
Romantic fantasy isn't the only driver of curiosity-our inner snob is always clicking away, doing little status checks.
Education is a crucial one-a highly educated population is a fundamental driver of economic growth.
They claim that it may appear cruel, but it's for the driver's own good.
But at some point the driver said they were getting close, and they must all lie flat and be silent.
He kissed me and overpaid a cab driver in advance for my fare.
Automakers, well aware of these statistics, have introduced some impressive driver de-idiotizing systems over the years.
After that, the driver sees how the car is slowing and pushes harder, but by then it may be too late.
The higher the friction, the more control the driver has.
The simulator measures how fast, accurately and aggressively the driver follows the route.
It can mildly amplify or suppress such things, but is not the main driver of it.
It'll still crash from a bug, or display nonsense if there's a bad video card driver.
He speculates that its primary driver may be overweight and obesity, because estrogen is sequestered in fat tissue.

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