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The so-called doomsday algorithm uses clever mental arithmetic and mnemonic tricks to enable a quick determination.
Lets keep the gravy train coming and predict some more doomsday scenarios.
These people are trying to work together to create this doomsday weapon.
It will probably be seven more years before the doomsday carp is ready to swim wild.
Mostly the arguments are of the low-interest and doomsday type.
There are even doomsday whispers of an economic crisis forcing a political crisis that sets the country back dramatically.
Surely, pray observers, she will blink before doomsday arrives.
And a doomsday scenario is inconsistent with the strength of equity markets.
To the doomsday crowd, the spike in natural gas prices is permanent, the result of scarcity.
Even consumers, who once seemed determined to keep their wallets shut until doomsday, may be joining in.
Cities have adapted to the car but the adaptation has been much more benign than the doomsday focus suggests.
And evangelists and doomsday cults continue to embrace it.
Well, that's a pretty good summary of the doomsday position.
There is no reason you should be posting this many times, with this utterly pointless financial doomsday rhetoric.
Clearly, he has been made irascible by taunts about his doomsday no-shows.
Enthusiasm for this doomsday-of-the-day will probably start ramping up for real now, and it's bad enough already.
The reason there are no takers for bets against doomsday scenarios is that there is nothing in it for the believers.
All the alarmists are not citing any credible sources, and pick and choose their science to come up with doomsday theories.
Don't keep trying to sell me doomsday scenarios that overstate the case and misuse science.
The only way to know how seriously to take such doomsday scenarios is to run experiments.
The disparate features would have to be heightened, recombined, and honed into a single doomsday plague.
However, it's not the doomsday a lot of people are playing it up to be.
And it might have been dismissed as nothing more than a few whackos' nutty obsession with doomsday.

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