dissidence in a sentence

Example sentences for dissidence

She does not advocate dissidence so much as she tries to rationalize her apathy.
They already accept your dissidence, and this is what counts.
Delete their account, contact the company, individuals should do something to show their dissidence.
In totalitarian regimes, dissidence is treated as a mental illness.
Also, because the script is sloppy, the film seems to equate dissidence with terrorism.
There seems to be an amnesia of cultural memory among students for a time when campuses were smoldering with dissidence.
There have been, however, problems with special paramilitary police units being used to put down political dissidence.
There is dissidence in the country and anyone would be foolish to deny it.
But, you seem now to have cognitive dissidence, if you are thinking he agreed with you.
But the public senses a vague dissidence between the spin and the daily reality of deaths on the ground.
The idea of jailing for political dissidence is obviously inconsistent with our tradition of freedom.

Famous quotes containing the word dissidence

All Protestantism, even the most cold and passive, is a sort of dissent. But the religion most prevalent in our northern... more
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