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The psychology of disgust can sway election results.
In a previous study, researchers found a connection between disgust and conservatism.
The whole world is watching your country with mixed feelings of disgust and sympathy.
In the desert, spirituous liquors excite only disgust.
Disgust directs us to push out and expel that which is bad for us.
Initial reactions to both workshops ranged from support to disgust.
Probably the answer lies in a cross-wiring between our senses of morality and disgust.
My disgust with for-profit colleges is their neglect of basics necessities for students.
Those who haven't left the party in disgust by now are inspired by mean-spirited hostility.
We recognize emotions from sadness to disgust more readily on our own faces than in the same expressions made by others.
Basically disgust in our own work and a desire to cut those ties and venture creatively, free of our professional burdens.
Gross adds that the disgust response to extravagance is not unique to the meltdown.
But to sell in disgust now might be the mistake of a lifetime.
In addition to looking peeved, they also trotted out those sneers of disgust.
His current work focuses on how the emotion of disgust shapes moral and political beliefs.
They express the disgust with much government policy felt by ordinary voters, even those who support mainstream political parties.
The universal avoidance of intensely bitter molecules shows a strong link between taste and disgust.
The events that one generation lives through are always exaggerated beyond the truth, either in glory or disgust.
The author looking down on these lowly heathens and heretics with pity and disgust.
He himself regards the methods he is obliged to use with a sort of wry disgust.
Then it would be time to quit the life of the mind in disgust.
He questioned a few calls and swung his racquet in disgust a few times, taking a divot with one swipe.
The polls, too, have given evidence of disgust with the old ways.
And donors must be shown enough progress that they do not walk off in disgust.
Party leaders are well aware that public disgust with official corruption is the biggest threat to their continued rule.
Both parties deserve equal disgust for their management of our country's finances.
And diners will know when to turn away from a plate in disgust.
With such heinous activities the perpetrators are buying nothing but disgust and hatred.
Poor students, on the other hand, are likely to drop out in disgust at being told how undeserving they are.
Few creatures inspire such a queasy mixture of fear, disgust and disdain.
Riches, domination of others, and winning at all costs are more likely to stir self-disgust than contentment.
The student did win this one, much to everyone's disgust, and a couple of other successful appeals followed.
Thus psychic pain may result in neuralgia, or the affect of moral disgust may cause vomiting.
But if repression comes into play they experience disgust for eating and evince hysterical vomiting.
Disgust is the strongest emotion, and punishment is at hand.
But to varying degrees they were also driven by disgust and indignation.
She looked at her with disgust, and said if you want to know anything else you will have to contact our press office.
My friends looked at me in disgust and rolled their eyes.
If that fails, he gives up in disgust and reads a newspaper instead.
For the time being they are standing together in disgust, everyday differences cast aside.
One took the spectacle in with a feeling of wonder and disgust, something.
Their reaction is a mixture of disgust, anger, longing and need.

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