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The old conundrums around discretion seemed technologically obsolete.
Younger children will be admitted at the discretion of the staff.
Instead, you have been trusted to use your discretion.
The preference for rules over discretion is based on three main observations.
Other projects and responsibilities may be added at the company's discretion.
The better part of valour is discretion.
Advertising can be done with discretion.
Expect, therefore, increased demands for a better work-life balance and for more personal discretion in 2005.
The successful candidate must be able to exercise great discretion and decision making.
Parental discretion is advised.
Our campus allows for a level of professorial discretion as well.
What is noisy or disruptive is solely within my discretion.
The imposition of long-term isolation-which can be for months or years-is ultimately at the discretion of prison administrators.
In the end, it's still the doctor's discretion on the diagnosis and action plan.
Zeal, however, must not outrun discretion in changing abstract to concrete.
It is due to the sound discretion with which they select from among themselves those to whom they confide the legislative duties.
Allowing the butler to invite guests at his own discretion is not quite as casual as it sounds.
In any case, when you have finished reading, judge with discretion.
He was in howling agony-much to the annoyance of all the other clientele, who demand absolute discretion.
Should he have had more discretion, he could at a minimum have peeked at scores over the web.
The idea was to put monetary policy on autopilot, removing any discretion on the part of government officials.
The severity of these regulations, by and large, is at the government's discretion.
Head teachers have wide discretion in the hiring and firing of teachers and are free to pay by results as they think fit.
But a pre-electoral discretion has overwhelmed all three.
Some executives even expect a lasting shift in customers' preferences, towards discretion and value.
Loyalty and discretion prevent her from spilling any of the many outrageous beans she could have scattered on her ducal floor.
Where the fed is too powerful is in its complete discretion to set interest rates.
Moreover, boards have considerable discretion over which resolutions to allow on to the proxy.
As a result, he retains some discretion over how any of it is used.
Farmers are now able to export only at the government's discretion.
Companies have considerable discretion over when they book a profit or set aside reserves against a future loss.
For any given set of facts, prosecutors have immense discretion in deciding what to charge people with.
Otherwise, admittance is at the doorkeeper's discretion.
Many legislatures went further, expanding the definition of a weapon and further limiting the discretion of school administrators.
Under the rule, calls are reviewed at the discretion of the crew chief.
People can use discretion about calories from sugar.
All infractions can include cost recovery for law enforcement at the discretion of the court.
The district court possessed no discretion to sentence below the statutory mandatory sentence.
The district attorney has wide discretion as to whether to prosecute violations of village local laws.
Removes discretion of board of police commissioners as to paid vacation and holidays in some situations.
There is a long history of the government exercising prosecutorial discretion in this manner.
Allowing brilliant financial regulators broad discretion doesn't work.

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