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Then ask as many trustworthy and discreet people as you can to come up with appropriate ways to respond.
The shirt fit nicely and had a discreet pocket for a key or driver's license.
Of course, text messages are also more discreet than a phone call.
The discreet rise of vegetarianism in the carnivorous capital of the world.
But some types of sponsorship are more discreet than others.
About 13 miles into the hills, a very discreet turnoff leads to an iron gate that guards the road to Stonepine.
In an attempt to shield children from ridicule, schools sometimes are too discreet about outbreaks, she says.
Her frosted coif, discreet eye makeup, pink lipstick and French manicure are as perfect as her posture.
Plainclothes police mingled among the demonstrators in Rabat, though police were generally discreet.
Watch carefully for discreet eye-rolling at faculty meetings or get-togethers.
Whom not only his father, but also the magistrates do diligently look to, that he be put to a discreet and an honest householder.
And if commandos are gonna make it ashore, a successful prototype will need to be nearly as discreet as they are.
Their views are more discreet but they are the ones that carry the day.
But his junior ministers have offered private-state partnerships discreet support.
Better yet, if there is no pressure to make a business out of it, it can remain intimate and discreet.
Which brings us back to that discreet transaction between two people in private.
Before a real fight starts, a discreet country steps back.
In a culture that favors discreet anonymity, he cut a memorable figure.
The pleasure of the novel lies in its subtlety-in this case, a discreet exploration of marital psychology.
Her method ranged from the discreet and microscopic to the radical and wholesale, as needed.
Their work has allied itself with the discreet, almost subliminal beauty that radiates from the objects themselves.
In fact, he was found guilty of a crime so discreet people couldn't understand what the crime was.
Although small-scale and discreet, those old-fashioned shows clearly served a mercantile purpose.
To actually pay me something will probably require advertising of some discreet sort.
They aren't releasing a song that got stuck in their heads by letting out a discreet, brief warble.
It's a discreet sequence that is indeed important to the overall plot.
Its gore is relatively discreet, but it graphically illustrates the effects of a deadly plague.
She is a romantic, but also a discreet and acute observer.
The buttoned-up marry the buttoned-down, the glitzy wed the discreet.

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