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In designing the in-ground gas firepit, he underscored the mountain view.
Part of the fun in designing a miniature garden is choosing among myriad plants, pots, and textured mulches.
Frequently, when designing museum exhibits, you ask people for feedback.
Does not make sense to me they'd be used for designing respirator masks.
We always run into challenges everyday with designing and building buoys.
His latest nickname refers to his new career--designing, building, and selling specialty furniture.
She is recording an album, developing a makeup brand, and designing a line of workout clothes.
Designing book covers for a day when books don't have covers.
By designing on-campus courses, including required ones, that include a study-abroad program as their concluding experiences.
There were also sessions on designing a syllabus, creating engaging learning environments, and mentoring students of color.
Consider both team-teaching and designing your own course at some point.
Prepare for those questions by taking them into account when designing your courses.
And once you master the basics and learn how to read instructions, there's the larger challenge of designing your own patterns.
There are loads of companies working designing use of technology.
Since appearance counts for a lot, college cheerleaders' costume-designing becomes real popular.
It means teaching concision of communication and designing posts to be attractive both visually and intellectually.
My focus of engineering is designing higher education organizations with respect to diversity.
But a new way of designing and making materials could get around that problem.
It specialises in designing and testing synthetic rubber compounds.
Of course, companies spend a lot of time designing work environments to be efficient and pleasant places to work.
Large pharmaceutical firms are not much interested in designing products for such small markets.
Over the past few years engineers have been designing fuel cells that will be useful outside space agencies.
Now the country has graduated to designing some weapons on its own.
Today designing and printing are ubiquitous in homes and offices.
Luxury-goods firms are turning into retailers, buying, designing and running their own shops in prime locations.
And if federal regulations are coming, companies need to support them, in order to be involved in designing them.
So they will have to keep spending on designing these, without their reaching a level of sales that will make them profitable.
And there were some further signs that the government is intent on designing a more effective state, as well as a leaner one.
Although these problems may be fixed by designing the promotions better, there are some longer-term worries.
The final step is designing products that work for poor people.
Similarly, it divided its engineering efforts into activities such as designing prototypes and the necessary equipment.
Policymakers are also lax when it comes to designing venture funds.
There were two models for designing it, insiders say.
If true, that is a spanner in the works for those designing quantum gravity.
Designing schemes that only reward success should not be beyond the wit of directors, or the compensation consultants they employ.
He argues they will soon play a role in formulating scientific hypotheses and designing and running experiments to test them.
Manufacturers are responding by designing a much shallower picture tube.
Researchers are now designing delivery systems that will carry a much lower risk of causing this condition.
He also hinted that he might become a consultant to lawmakers designing health and science policy.
When designing robots, the mimicry goes beyond making emotional-savvy machines.
They are designing wind turbines that generate electricity more cheaply than a new coal-fired power plant.
Designing a car for the future is not only about what fuel it will use, but also about shedding weight and limiting speed.
Designing bus routes to mimic car trips is a failure because cars go point to point and a bus does not.
There need to be a way to cut the expense of designing useful drugs but still keep it a financially lucrative endeavor.
Team members share responsibility for designing and building their robots as well as writing the necessary software.
Imagination is a prerequisite for designing and making even crude types of clothing, especially clothing for a cold environment.
Lets leave the pills for handling the headaches of designing the technology, and the long hours it takes to solve such issues.
Tell them that they will be designing their own subway station exhibits in a little while.
So designing each unit becomes a balancing act, with the animal's comfort and safety being the number one concern.
Scientists are designing tools that are harder to lose.
Others have proposed designing new crew vehicles that will work with existing lift components from the space shuttle.
Orienting and designing your home with large, south-facing windows can effectively heat a home without additional heat sources.
Ask students to imagine they are scientists or engineers designing a new space probe to explore our solar system.
When designing and outfitting a living room, you can make purchases that come from green, sustainable sources.
Rather than designing its bikes in a vacuum, it took a good look at what's possible using the best battery and motor technology.
Designing genomes will be a personal thing, a new art form as creative as painting or sculpture.
Equally arcane are the details of engineering in designing the great bridge.
By designing screens that recognize when they are not being used as a video player, power consumption can be cut dramatically.
There are companies designing toilets that have two flush levels.
The biggest technical challenge is designing a stratospheric airship that can keep on-station.
The first rule of designing any manufacturing process is that once you have control over a part, you don't let go.
Designing a single stage to orbit vehicle is pretty challenging and no one has ever successfully built one.
The researchers note that they are really going to have to pay attention to this when they're designing larger studies.
Designing and interpreting these experiments is difficult and fraught with interpretive pitfalls.
Writing skills come in when you are designing a plan to help students maintain their best health possible.
And so, in designing games and play, it turns out play is the core part of how primates learn.
We are focused here on a new way of designing industrial production.
After a dozen more were destroyed, he began designing his own.
Though still a tiny number-maybe a couple hundred worldwide-more people than ever are making a living designing type.
In charge of the master plan in both cases, he is designing new edifices for each site.
Architects spend more time designing, less time drafting.
When she's not designing dresses or crafting her personal style, she's creating other innovative products.
They are designing these services to be transparent, intuitive, and delightful.
Her approach was a radical shift from city planning methods of designing spaces that aimed to change people's behavior.
Designing tax rates coming out of a recession is a tricky thing.
So the engineers had the luxury of designing their own parts.
Designing online communities for anonymous collaboration.
Harry is still refining the mechanics of his space and designing spaces that can be used for different types of meetings.
Since then, the rational idea behind designing the drug has given way to an unexpectedly complex range of outcomes.
The first step in designing a cluster is to choose the building block.
The more time scientists spend designing computers, the more they marvel at the human brain.
Oh, yes, designing a system to achieve this would be a nightmare--maybe impossible.
Instead, it will become a shopper, and leave the designing and metal-cutting to the private sector.
The students competed by taking an exam, designing centerpieces and corsages and identifying flora and floral equipment.

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