demean in a sentence

Example sentences for demean

If they don't get what they want when they want it-even from their teachers-the children yell and scream, demean and criticize.
Participants who had both status and power did not greatly demean their partners.
These people demean the profession and vocation of research.
My intention was not to demean anyone but simply to help promote a community that could discuss topics in a mature fashion.
Indecent ones demean us and destroy those inmates who might otherwise reform.
These comments can be intentional-meant to demean or criticize-or they can be random comments made in jest.
If you find that the state is acting immorally, it would demean.
It does not demean their degree, it does not poo poo their potential.
These destructive, power-hungry people make poor decisions meant to aggrandize themselves and demean others.
My friend hesitated to buy them for her, concerned that his charity not demean her dignity.
These folks demean the many important things for which the professoriate stands.
Look, there are things which demean the national character.
It may be part of free speech, but when people use it they demean themselves.
IT is easy to criticize haphazard security measures that cannibalize and demean public space.
There are always individuals that demean good things.
They demean themselves by such efforts, and it's a reason that the public is less and less interested in what they have to say.
Follow the noble goals which complete you and not the ones that demean you.
He wanted to be right in the middle of those he hates so he could interact with and demean them everyday.
Racist comments are intended to demean and show superiority over the target.
Also, ads can't demean cable services or mention price.
If you cannot post without calling someone names in a effort to demean their point of view then maybe you should stop posting.
It's possible to demean oneself by sinking to the level of those who promiscuously accept any sort of apology.
At the same time, the misuse of words can belittle and demean.
The relationship with other writers also includes the responsibility not to distort or demean the written work of others.
Messages should be polite comments that don't criticize or demean individuals or organizations.
They value high levels of self-confidence and aggressiveness and demean those who don't possess them.
These terms can demean or offend, even if the speaker does not intend to do so.
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