delude in a sentence

Example sentences for delude

None of these visions ever quite deluded him.
It's an easy way to delude yourself that you've taken a lease on a private oasis, reserved for your arrival once a week.
They argue that he deluded himself about the motives of his adored tribal companions.
Let us not delude ourselves for a moment on that score.
You can delude yourself and peddle all you want...but there is simply no traction.
Sirs, don´t delude yourselves.
Their problem is they delude themselves.
Just possibly this was enough to delude a few very ancient and very lonely mariners.
Wealth did not delude them into thinking that they understood the game.
When a statute mandates higher costs, no one should delude themselves into thinking that those costs will magically disappear.
In many cases they delude even themselves, so as to justify their past and current actions.
And, don't ever delude yourself into thinking that this private account will make you rich.
Those who believe government can be divorced from politics are either deluding themselves or trying to delude others.

Famous quotes containing the word delude

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