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She has also wangled a splendid job as a curator for an art collection and doing community outreach.
All that, and one helping hand a guest might not expect: a hotel art curator.
Instead she made a phone call, whispered discreetly, then hung up and told me that the curator would be down in a moment.
No architect for the building has yet been chosen, let alone a curator for the finished project.
The curator of a local museum has asked you to design an exhibit highlighting your life.
The impatient curator gives you only two hours, basically enough time to go through the papyri twice.
His choices are bound to be informed by his gifts as art historian and curator but also by a rather less obvious attribute.
He is a former zoological curator and scientific journal editor, and has studied primate behavior in captive and wild primates.
The curator decides the terms, sets the tone, and selects the works to be displayed.
The curator of the local museum is proud of her charges.
Any one who has a right to see the statue will be admitted to do so by the curator.
That's something no human curator, or even a group of human curators, could ever do.
Curator, chancellor join president in expressing surprise.
In the end, it comes down to the curator looking at it and vetting it.
The truth was that he'd never thought of himself as a critic to begin with, more a curator.
Before proposing research on any sample, please contact the curator for sample condition and availability.
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