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Example sentences for cubicle

Now the office cubicle is the new dorm: same hair, same clothes, even nearly the same hours.
One of those places is the corporate office cubicle.
Perhaps you've been an office drone for so long that you can't imagine life without fuzzy, low-slung cubicle walls.
Now it's sitting in a cubicle hiding from the boss, or sitting at home to pay again for the album you already own.
And the damage they do to furniture, lamps, walls and kicking other people cannot be tolerated in cubicle culture.
Any luggage bag that cannot fit into the storage cubicle will have no choice but to check it in.
The solution seemed obvious: a toilet with a brick cubicle, squatting slab and two pits.
The goal was far nobler than finding out what your boss really thinks of you or what is going on in the neighboring cubicle.
What would be news is for you to go swimming freely in the sea or a whale sitting in a cubicle responding to website articles.
Or to the pasty-faced workaholic, hunched over his computer in a lonely cubicle late at night.
The dormitories were designed to hold about fifty inmates, each with his own small cubicle and bunk.
Three more surgery residents arrived and crammed into the cubicle.
Let us look in upon that cubicle of the emergency room.
His entire cubicle is plastered with posters and models big and small.
There must be a full length mirror in every cubicle, these people are so lousy with pride.
My husband works in a cubicle with no windows at his nonacademic job.
Because the potential reward of a job teaching beats working in a cubicle, even with the disparate levels of compensation.
Provides access to everything not in your home, dorm room, or cubicle.
When their shifts end, of course, these cubicle warriors can drive home to have dinner with their families.
Hooper had flashes of a life spent chained to a desk in a windowless cubicle.
He started out by sweeping up hair, and he slept in a cubicle above the salon.
Learn to sleep with your back to the cubicle entrance.
It's a chore to stand up and crane your neck whenever you want to see what's going on in the world outside your cubicle.
The company's fake-wood cubicle hardly seems up to delivering on that promise.
Make work bearable by turning your cubicle into an soaring airplane.
Next time you're in a cubicle farm, take a look around.
Near the entrance are a luggage storage area and a couple of rows of cubicle workstations.
Imagine a job where outsiders write daily performance evaluations read by thousands living near your giant, steel-encased cubicle.
The third outbuilding, a cubicle of tabby construction, was probably used as a smokehouse.
There is no spec for a cubicle curtain track or curtains.
The purpose of this amendment is to answer questions that have been asked, update some specs, and cubicle.
Also manufactured are matching bedspreads, berth curtains, and cubicle curtains.
Your boss is staring at you over the top of your cubicle.
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