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Mathematical signs and symbols are often cryptic, but the best of them offer visual clues to their own meaning.
There are a few cryptic inscriptions on the wax discs and cylinders and some notes from past curators.
Sometimes, unfortunately, departmental reviews and faculty mentoring are cryptic or unhelpfully positive.
They carry clipboards, rosters on the clipboards, and typically they are writing cryptic notes on the player's performance.
The songs are overstuffed with cryptic slang and complex stories.
Most of them have cryptic coloring, are nocturnal, or are hidden in the high canopy.
Seahorses are master mimics that use their cryptic colors and upright posture to blend in with plants.
The interactive game will have you wandering through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues.
The above cryptic allusion describes the foreign exchange rate for two currencies.
My cryptic comment above, of course, needs a little elaboration.
The games that do make it over often go through a cryptic localization process that.
Adult individuals of both species are greenish grey or brownish, with dark blotches forming what seems to be a cryptic pattern.
But later, when she faced the machines alone, their cryptic symbols and rows of gleaming knobs terrified her.
Orson's conversation was often surreal and always cryptic.
Doing cryptic crosswords or, equally, reading tales of mystery and imagination.
Then he'd adopt a cryptic expression and express his understanding.
They contain historical references and cryptic sayings.
Sometimes, the results of science can be a little cryptic.
In reality my comments were simply more cryptic and opaque than implicit.
Against one wall, his masterpiece rests on a shelf--a colored mechanical drawing, simple and yet cryptic.
More cryptic still are a smattering of red dots and half-circles and the floating outline of a fish.
The second paragraph is more interesting, though a bit cryptic.
But no doubt when it comes to many traits the byproducts are more subtle, or may seem cryptic to us.
Others, however, include only symbols and are a bit more cryptic.
It had a cryptic message saying that if you can decode this email, it would tell you where to go for further instructions.
My request was rejected, but he sent me a cryptic reply.

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