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If you want the crust to be crunchy, you can leave the pizza on the stone for a few minutes.
Gently pour the sugar and butter liquid over the crust.
Cracks in the planet's crust imply a contracting world.
And some of it flows underneath the oceanic crust to fill the space being created by that lightening, rising continental crust.
Here it keeps the crust from getting soggy and letting the fruity goodness leak out.
There's no need to chill a pie crust for three hours.
All that cracked, unstable crust seethes with stress.
Some of these designs aren't too far off from what's still used today to get a deliciously crisp pizza crust.
When a fault ruptures, the sudden motion stresses the surrounding crust.
The photographer's time-lapse exposure captures magma flying through fissures in the dome's thin crust.
According to the new simulation, the impactor would have thrown clear enough of the crust to leave a marked depression.
The bluish pools bear a salty crust that reflects the sky.
The reason is butter: butter in the crust and butter in the filling.
The best explanation for the rapid rise, he added, is delamination-the loss of dense rock at the base of the crust.
Scientists believe this line is liquid lava that becomes exposed as the solidifying crust breaks up along the caldera's walls.
It was a textural marvel, combining the fluffiness of a meringue on the inside with the chewy crust of the best brownies on top.
Pull off the parchment paper and let the crust cook.
The paucity of craters indicates that the crust is continually resurfaced.
Pour contents of pan into crust and top with crumbs.
Such a process could have powered not only the jets but may have produced enough heat to cause the crust to begin spreading.
The sheer chance shearing of the bulk of our crust into an orbiting body has to be a minimal.
The flavor of the hill stations was decidedly upper crust.
Neutrons that leave the crust and go directly into space as high-energy particles are called fast, or hot, neutrons.
Seafloor spreading is the process of new crust forming between two plates that are moving apart.
Using the speed and direction of the waves, they compiled an image of the crust under the volcano.
It's time to think outside the pie crust and consider other ways you can put pumpkin on your table.
But layers of iron sulfate minerals, which do dissolve easily, lie centimeters below the crust.
And below the crust in these volcanic parts micro-organisms have been discovered that may offer clues to the origins of life.
Earthquakes result when the subducting crust gets stuck, then lurches back into motion.
The simple and tasty salt-and-pepper crust of this tart is worth making from scratch.
Mountains are formed when two continental plates smash together, thrusting the crust upward.
The crust is light, with a puffy edge and yeasty chew.
Choose a sweet baguette with a light, slightly soft interior and thin, crisp crust.
The barbecued pork bun comes topped with a crackling sugar crust.
With each step, their hooves press lightly, then break through the icy crust atop the shallow snow.
His storefront-of-a-parlor has folks clamoring for his thin, stretchy crust.
The jelly will protect the pie crust from absorbing too much of the apple juice and getting soggy.
Notice the random, low wall peeking out of the crust.
We tried the cheese and got a pizza with a sturdy, slightly sweet tomato sauce on a hand-stretched crust.
The cheese on the outside acts as a lubricant and protects the roof of your mouth from the abrasive crust.
The pale crust at left is from newly made dough while the crust at right is made with the same dough, aged a day.
All wear a crust of filth over their shawls and trousers.
As the crust bakes, the fat melts, and the steam it gives off creates little air pockets that cause flakiness.
It was made with duck, and the crust had a cute little duck cut-out on top.
Water seeps into the cracked crust, picks up minerals and heat, and spews out of the vents.
These consist of cancellous tissue covered by a thin crust of compact substance.
It got me thinking about the importance of the crust to a great pasty.
Taping into crust will cool some of the rocks surrounding it which might pose a problem in its self.
The high heat of the oven beautifully blisters the crust, which emerges crisp yet tender.
When the two come together, the ocean crust goes down, and those two plates really grind against each other.
At the plate boundaries, the crust bends until the strain becomes too great.
The vagaries of currents within the mantle mean that the crust and core can and do rotate at slightly different rates.
Yet beneath this upper crust of high culture there simmers a less appetizing stew.
These include numerous species of corals, marine snails, and crust-building algae.
Likewise, pumpkin pie went missing due to a lack of crust ingredients.
IF you think of crackers as little bits of pie crust, or fast-cooking bread, you quickly comprehend why they're so easy to make.
White panko comes from bread that has had the crust removed.
Bread shredded with its crust gives tan or golden panko.
The charring gave them an alluring crust and tasty grilled flavor.
The oceanic crust rides low and is mostly submerged because it is thin and made of denser material than the continents.
The two huge boulders he'd pointed out were speckled gray on the outside, but where the crust had eroded the rock was flame-red.
The lesions eventually dry out, develop a crust, and heal rapidly without leaving a scar.
Scientists could learn a lot about the structure of the planet, what it's made of, and where the crust is thick or thin.
What if the moons crust is stronger in areas where craters proliferate and faults naturally occur where craters are scarce.
But it's still hot after all this time because the crust is a decent insulator.
Thick crust is displayed in green shades, and thin crust is displayed in pink shades.
The sheet of lava then grows a solid crust on its upper surface while the lava remains molten for a time in the flow's interior.
Students learn the structure and composition of oceanic and continental crust and the theory of plate tectonics.

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