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Knead the ground beef together with salt, and then add the bread crumb mix.
One crumb of comfort for euro-zone firms is that the currency has plunged against the dollar.
There is perhaps one other crumb of comfort for the president.
The honey interacts with the yeast, and both give the crumb a tenderness it lacks using the basic recipe.
It is specializing in recycling tire crumb into a high quality product that can be used to manufacture new tires.
At my clean-swept hearth he had no mirth, and at my table he broke no crumb.
Remove chicken from buttermilk and dredge in the crumb mixture.
Of course several of the crumb snatchers who took them went for a piece of candy too.
The fennel's subtle sweetness and beautiful form are quite sophisticated, but the cake's buttermilk crumb is pure homey delight.
Crumb made the various monthly payments required under the various court orders.
One area which offers more diversion potential for tires is the crumb rubber market.
The center researches ways to advance the use of crumb rubber in paving applications.
Currently, several tire companies are incorporating reprocessed, or crumb rubber from tires in new tire manufacture.
Scrap tires can be recycled as shredded tires or crumb rubber, depending on their origin.
Also referred to as sized-reduced rubber or crumb rubber.

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