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Shacks don't have kitchens and bathrooms, and a cottage is larger than a tiny house.
Samuels also maintains a private therapy practice, focussed mainly on issues of addiction, in the guest cottage behind his house.
It wasn't a cottage but a run-down house, the sort of place where poor people lived.
But that place is a tiny cottage compared to the proposed new headquarters.
He soon moved from the gardener's cottage to the main house.
It would probably be similar to tasting pickle juice and cottage cheese.
Says she's been throwing up for two days, since she ate some bad cottage cheese.
He has been able to move his company out of his cottage and into a new headquarters building.
In one vat cottage cheese is curding, in another cream cheese is being squeezed.
Already its influence has spread into the secret council chamber, as well as into the laborer's cottage.
Along with their artisan appeal, the availability of bamboo makes these bikes an ideal cottage industry for the developing world.
Expensive protracted academic industry was vastly outperformed by cheap fast cottage endeavor.
The ravens who lived near the cottage he moved into pestered him.
By this time they have arrived at her home, a cheerless, poor cottage set off by itself.
They're the flavors favored by old-timers, along with poppy seeds and cottage cheese.
Add buttered noodles to cottage-cheese mixture, tossing well.
Much could be done to support this newly thriving cottage industry.
Acts of apparent altruism to non-relatives can also be explained away, in what has become a cottage industry within biology.
Its cottage industries-including garments and handicrafts-earn millions of dollars in annual exports alone.
There are groups that have created a cottage industry opposing nuclear power.
If someone wants to buy a beach cottage or a mountain chalet,fine,but don't ask for a subsidy.
At times he retreated to his country cottage for peace and quiet.
There's a reason cottage industries went out of style.
The teacher has a good cottage and a well-kept farm that serve as models.
The prediction also inspired a cottage industry of sorts.
Landlubbers can enjoy the broad porches and casual cottage interiors.
Get yer meat and don't forget the bowl of cottage cheese.
Each cottage has a bathroom but the hot water supply seems complicated.
He seemed curious regarding the cottage too, as if it were the first time he had seen it.
Then the little poor cottage shall be more commended than the gilded palace.
There was no light in the old cottage that night-the heart of its occupant was dark and cheerless.
The shabbiness of her father's little cottage was smothered with flowers and branches cut in a neighboring wood.
For those looking to skip chain hotels and get off the beaten path, cottage rentals may be the answer.
The cottage features a fireplace in the bedroom, a kitchen and a furnished, enclosed deck with an outdoor hot tub.
Well-behaved pets are accepted, but no more than two per suite or cottage.
The cottage is open year-round, and both smoking and pets are allowed.
The cottage features a spacious deck for grilling, a dining room and a full kitchen.
The cottage is stocked with food upon request and is available year-round, with rates peaking from late spring to early fall.
Breakfast at the inn is included, but the cottage has a full kitchen for guests who prefer to fix their own meals.
For a different kind of stay, try a beachside cottage instead of a hotel.
The cottages include genuine cottage decor, including quilts and handcrafted furniture.
Grove cottage, another cottage within this property, accommodates up to four guests.
He rushes back into the cottage where the tailors are waiting.
We have so many one-off designers that have these little cottage industries.
Crumble the feta into a large bowl and mix in the cottage cheese.
Cottage housing is small, detached houses clustered around a common landscaped area.
Click here for state park cottage and cabin locations.

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For the Christ-child who comes is the Master of all; No palace too great, no cottage too small.... more
The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail—its roof ... more
A poore widow, some deal stape in age, Was whilom dwelling in a narrow cottage, Beside a grove, standing in... more
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