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Example sentences for cosigner

One important thing is that while you are searching for a education loan you may find that you will need a cosigner.
Prohibits a bank from misrepresenting the nature and extent of a cosigner's liability.
The cosigner notice should be in the same language as the agreement to which it applies.
In some instances, a cosigner may be needed to obtain a student loan.
If you are a cosigner or endorser, include the borrower's account number.
If you cannot get credit on your own, you can ask a relative or friend with a good credit history to act as your cosigner.
The cosigner does not own the property with the primary borrower.
Both the borrower and the cosigner are responsible for the loan.
Get credit without a cosigner, if you meet the creditor's standards.
If the credit applicant does not repay the loan, the cosigner will be legally responsible for doing so.
Lenders routinely ask prospective borrowers to provide a cosigner when the applicant has little, if any, established credit.
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