corroboration in a sentence

Example sentences for corroboration

However, there is no corroboration as to whether any money was actually paid.
Each technique for finding planets has its potential for error, so astronomers must always seek independent corroboration.
At the time there was no corroboration for these claims.
Hopefully there is some corroboration between the other two.
No, actually it was an accusation of fact, with zero corroboration.
The rest are internal sources with little corroboration.
Neurolinguistic research promises similar corroboration from studies of aphasics.
Today's corroboration rule differs from its predecessor in form but not in function.
The informant's tip, together with police corroboration of details of the tip, established probable cause.
The corroboration may be via witness signature or supporting telephone verification form.
If there are questions, the server shall be shown this policy for corroboration.
Admission which is later recanted may provide corroboration.
Despite the lack of physical evidence or corroboration, the charges were vigorously prosecuted.
Any amount of corroboration is sufficient to give the case to the jury to determine the sufficiency of the corroboration.
Any appeal of the firearm-related offenses would be wholly frivolous to the extent that lack of corroboration was alleged.
Appellant's sole challenge to his convictions is that there is insufficient corroboration of an accomplice's testimony.

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A person of mature years and ripe development, who is expecting nothing from literature but the corroborationmore
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