corroborate in a sentence

Example sentences for corroborate

But there is not yet unequivocal archaeological evidence to corroborate this story.
It might be possible to contact him to corroborate the story.
There is demographic information to corroborate this possibility.
But that's a pretty far-fetched story and should be easy to corroborate.
But this particular story was too outsize to ignore, and the quest to corroborate it took on a life of its own.
You're basing your entire work on string theory, but the physical evidence doesn't exist to corroborate what you're suggesting.
And to have brain research corroborate it is rather unscientific, since the aim of research should be objective.
But large, long-term studies have mostly failed to corroborate initial signs of the cancer-fighting powers of produce.
If anything, those links corroborate sea level rise.
My own experience with severe depression and with medications to treat it corroborate the validity of those findings.
Second, personnel files and other archival data had to corroborate veterans' reports of trauma.
They enforce and corroborate the principles of moral order by publishing its decisions and executing its sanctions.
The polls corroborate the baleful economic portents.
Disaggregated labour market data corroborate national accounts data in that they show emerging weakness in construction sector.
Gaffes are damaging when they seem to corroborate some weakness that has already led to questions about a candidate.
The findings corroborate concerns expressed by both lenders and advocates for students.
But tracking down the alleged victims to corroborate these reports often took weeks.
Such external doubting might corroborate the internal doubts of literary genre.
Experimenters should be looking instead for ways to falsify the theory, not corroborate it.
Virtually nothing was found to corroborate their descriptions.
There has been no physical evidence found to corroborate any stories.
Because the defense in this case called many witnesses who corroborate each other and who shatter the prosecution's timeline.
Each will appear to corroborate the others' statements, when in fact all are false.
In the six months since then news events had tended to corroborate his revelation.
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