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The old guy in the corner at a college party can come off as creepy.
We walk on two legs, carry around enormous brains and have colonized every corner of the globe.
Some hospitals have turned a corner in fighting deadly infections.
If you don't use corner blocks, you can use this method.
In the past couple of years speech-recognition software has quietly grown tendrils into every corner of our lives.
To strengthen a wall, and perhaps a corner as well, add ladder wire every other course and under the top course.
Position your arrangement at one corner of the table for a more casual look.
If the heat has your garden in the doldrums, refresh a tired corner with a splash of white or lime.
Create an enchanting retreat in a corner of your yard with an outdoor chandelier you can make in an hour.
The best plant sales of the year are right around the corner.
Around the corner from the market, a small dry-cleaning firm lets customers pay for laundry using their phones.
Every corner of the military community has its own boogeyman.
In one corner stands the leather cupboard, stocked with exotic skins in a rainbow of colours.
From academic freedom to technology transfer, legal issues now reach into almost every corner of campus life.
In a corner a stack of folded blankets waits for winter.
And more than one sample can be printed at once-the jaw on the screen only fills a corner of the tray, leaving room for others.
My only negative thought is the color of the sky in the upper left corner.
Start the next row with a corner block or a half block, so the blocks will be stacked one on top of two.
Once there, you no longer have to put your bag on the perfectly clean and smooth floor, or even a spare corner of your desk.
Clustered in one corner are a dozen clerks, heads resting on desks, dozing peacefully.
Every corner of the field was brightly illuminated by a total of fourteen lamps.
The grid begins on the lower right-hand corner of one page and wraps around onto the lower left-hand corner of the following page.
When you turn this feature on, you will get a small bubble in the lower, left-hand corner of the screen.
With cash machines and bank branches at every street corner there is less call for an alternative payment system.
As statues of daddy and grandpa were common in the corner of any proper house, many survive today.
Thus you can see that you have five minutes before a downpour, giving you enough time to get to the corner store.
Laughter came from every corner of the room, except mine.
The long-term benefits sound substantial: an improved chance of getting a corner office and a six-figure salary.
Sliding window walls on four sides and at a corner of the living area open the house to the landscape.
Click the top right corner to flip to the next page.
The red sticker in the upper left hand corner indicates that the game was released this week.
The latter sin would of course disqualify him and send him to the corner to write his column in dank water and ashes.
Ice crystallizes in the corner of her right eye, and the cold tears at her lungs.
In that case, you can tap to open up a small popover of your conversation in the corner.
No one gets a corner office to put pictures of their family and their dog in.
When you're done with these pages, click the upper left corner to flip to the next page.
He speaks amid the toppled stacks of paper, empty cans of diet soda, and haphazard piles of books that clutter his corner office.
Savor living by the sea in a corner of your backyard.
Our students come from around the corner and across continents.
The one pictured has been perfectly happy in a corner of our kitchen.
Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, the end-of-year festivities are right around the corner.
If you think you have a great image, use the email contact information in the top corner of the page.
From every corner of the city, its rose tower guides you when you've lost your way.
With an edge trimmer or scissors, round each corner.
College officials saved the adjoining corner site, once occupied by an animal hospital, for the new performing-arts center.
Each corner of her house displays evidence of her talent for creating an ambience both fanciful and romantic.
Spotting our stash of pots in a nearby corner of the test garden, he fills those too.
Secure each crosspiece to the box with one screw at each corner.
For a mitered edge, use scissors to cut a triangle out of each corner.
Keep in place with ribbon one-half inch wide, and fasten at one corner by tying ribbon in a bow.
With this she sat down at the corner of the market-place, and set it out round about her ready for sale.
The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.
So she took hold of the frog with two fingers, carried him upstairs, and put him in a corner.
Besides, every piece of furniture had been moved and every closet and corner in the room had been thoroughly cleaned.
There it sits in the corner: a pile of books, notes, and meticulously labeled folders.
For many of us, another semester is right around the corner.
The two buildings complete a residential quadrangle on the northwest corner of the campus.
Move to an area of detail, zoom in, then double-tap a corner to return to full-screen view.
It was in the corner of my eye and the desire to investigate further was becoming irresistible.
That's right: flip-of-the-switch invisibility is around the corner.
He hoped to corner the market when he bought them, but he's taken a bath.
Around the corner sits the dispensary where she first encountered an array of lethal poisons, including arsenic and strychnine.
In the last photo, on the beach in the right hand corner, there is a surfer and his dog.
The city itself is seen in the bottom left corner of the image.
Imagine walking around in your backyard and suddenly discovering a vein of gold in a corner you thought you knew well.
It was a dream come true, really, and it foretold that something big was right around the corner.
When you attend to your sparring opponent out of the corner of your eye, you become hyperaware of his smallest gestures.
Satellites fly over literally every corner of the surface of our planet.
When it comes to sheer celestial bling, stars might not corner the market on twinkle.
SA should be given a dunce cap and made to sit in the corner.
The pigeon was thus forced to use its beak to peck at a target-such as a ship, building or specific street corner.
Every corner of this fascinating metropolis is here.
To determine if it does, look at the bottom left corner of your browser.
Cross the street and stroll back into the square and walk back to the northeast corner.
They had a local metal fabricator make the grill and hood, which fit across a rear corner.
Mine is sealed up tight in a far corner of the garden.
The warmth of the tiled floor repeats in the sprouting section of timber bamboo placed in one corner.
Move it into position in the yard, marking with a trowel each corner post's location.
They pretty much corner the market for energy, creativity, and sociability.
The pic shows that the boulevard around the corner is a pretty barren wasteland, tree-wise.
The intact structure can be seen in the upper left corner, and the shattered structure in the lower right.
We already have a software differential that helps to steer the bus actively thru a corner.
Turn on the kitchen light and from the corner of your eye you see the roaches running for the corners.
At the highest layer are five towers, one in the center and one at each corner.
Tap the refresh icon in the lower-left corner for a new batch.
Writers in every corner of the globe have always told stories of relationships among people, or among peoples and their gods.
Roemer is slumped in a corner on a little stool eating leftover rice with his fingers, and he laughs when he hears this part read.
The cars, none with tires, sat on small steel pedestals supporting the axles at each corner.
We walk out the door and turn the corner into a narrow alley.
The blanket was half off the bed and a corner of the contour sheet had popped off the mattress.
Click the arrows in the lower-left corner to enlarge.
Sliding round the corner on gravel and there was a mare across the road.
Her flat was around the corner, too, so they paid the driver and walked the rest of the way.
On of his favorite things to do is chew on the corner of the red-and-white checked plastic tablecloth.
In a dark back corner the second prototype is rising, adder ring by adder ring.
He then had them build a similar pattern of blocks in the lower left-hand corner.
Humans retain only a tiny fold in the inner corner of the eye.
Clearly, this corner of the world is a haven for the tinier side of life.
Impulses start in the natural pacemaker located high in the heart's right corner.
The one in the lower left-hand corner is made up of five molecules.
If you frighten a mouse, it stays in one corner and doesn't move at all.
Pointy-toed shoe lasts fixed to one corner of the wall function as coat hooks.
Line a large baking sheet with a sheet of parchment paper, then secure parchment by piping a dab of batter under each corner.
They gave us a corner table in their bright, open dining room.
From the corner eat shop he would bring home two pounds of boiled beef.
He was quick enough to hide it by covering it with a corner of the napkin and by serving a piece from the other side.
One does not know what to reject, what old alley of desolation to resent, what corner of newness to despise.
My own inordinate interest in what the lunatics are up to in every corner of our planet has to do with my childhood.
He also said that he would go to every corner of the country to argue for his priorities and his vision.
Many may ask why it is only now that denunciations are appearing, from every corner of our country.
On the corner there is a hydrant which, at night, turns into the water supply for hundreds of families in the area.
But it is going to be difficult to persuade countries to buy a corner of the picture before they have seen the whole canvas.
She and her friends looked quizzically at each other, then started running up to the corner.
Don't loiter on the street corner after the light has turned green-thereby becoming an obstacle for those in a hurry.
The flip side was a fiery temper, and a tendency to perceive slights around every corner.

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