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The result is that the originally simple communications technology has become a complex and convoluted affair.
Then you get into the problem, and you see that it's really complicated, and you come up with all these convoluted solutions.
The small intestine is a convoluted tube, extending from the pylorus to the colic valve, where it ends in the large intestine.
Again, no one is certain about what is actually going on in the animals' large, convoluted brains.
The reason behind the convoluted system is simple math.
The story is convoluted, the truth impossible to discern.
And instead of putting a value on water, it gets into all sorts of convoluted legal and environmental tangles.
At first glance, the picture that emerged looks quite convoluted.
The typical brain scan shows a muted gray rendering of the brain, easily distinguished by a series of convoluted folds.
Solar cell manufacturing today is a slow and convoluted process.
The fossil evidence suggests that it took a convoluted path of getting to this point.
The devices weren't small or thin enough to be truly portable, and the book-buying process was convoluted.
Keeping the engine in its optimal range requires a convoluted system of gears and clutches, and acceleration is still compromised.
The story of how it came to be the center of the debate on race-based medicines is long and convoluted.
Stop with the convoluted arguments that pure mathematics holds all the answers.
Two gunmen chase after an anthropologist on the run in this convoluted, low-budget drama.
And, she obviously has succeeded in shocking us now and again in a convoluted saga that doesn't need all those full explanations.
As a convoluted caper it generates action rather than character and surface mystery rather than meaning.
And you come up with all these convoluted solutions.
Marbles enter the from the top, one at a time, and your job is to send them through the convoluted paths to their destinations.
But critics and fans thought the plots were convoluted.
Tucked away in that somewhat convoluted release is the mention of the carry-on fee.
But as with the particulars of the yet-unsolved case, the movie is frustratingly convoluted.
So convoluted is the canine mucosa that if it were smoothed flat it would be several times larger than the dog's head.
The landscapes traversed by our species are rich and topographically convoluted.
There's a surprise ending, but the convoluted path by which you get there has a terrifying internal logic.
These correlations are so convoluted as to be meaningless.
Close-ups of the rings will certainly aid the continuing investigation of their complex, convoluted structure.
Um, yeah, that's what my convoluted sentence above was supposed to imply.
In either case these arguments tend to be highly convoluted.
It was the sort of convoluted reasoning of which any lawyer would be proud.
Such convoluted steps belie the underlying strength of what is being sold.
Despite its convoluted origin, though, alpha has a real meaning.
Reformers argue that doing away with this convoluted system would make it easier to manage the currency.
Needless to say, its history is convoluted and misinformed.
Despite its convoluted origin, alpha has a real meaning.
Rather than charting the shortest possible path through the web's recesses, the upshot is a convoluted one.
But a series of increasingly convoluted alliances bore little fruit.
The reason for this convoluted procedure is that adult mammal cells are set in their ways.
The convoluted politics of the outgoing grand coalition have also played their role in dampening public support.
It is a convoluted affair over the publication, last week, of an official note from the finance ministry.
And, as befits such an ethically convoluted case, the debate looks set to rage on for the foreseeable future.
Some kind of convoluted notion of the world has come up, and you've recorded it.
The evidence deployed in these campaigns can be dizzyingly convoluted.
The rest of the measures are even more confusing and convoluted.
But inserting the government into private contracts is not only a convoluted way to stimulate, it is also a horrible precedent.
If you did, you would have a headache after five minutes given the convoluted legalistic language.
It is about the continuing, unforeseen, convoluted consequences of actions taken long ago.

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Men are gentle, honest and straightforward. Women are convoluted, deceptive and dangerous.... more
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