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The biggest reality of the world is a matter neither of conjecture, belief, nor moral conviction.
But for all its brutality, his sentence followed trial and conviction.
Four weeks of nearly continuous tracking provided the basis of an indictment and subsequent conviction for drug trafficking.
Our elected officials may, for political reasons or from genuine conviction, choose to regulate a technology.
Any or all of these are enough to cast doubt on the conviction.
Many cosmologists have reservations about string theory and some really are arguing with conviction that it isn't science.
People all too often believe something as truth given the strength of the conviction of others.
Start with the third paragraph but write with conviction and strength.
They shared a conviction that technological innovation would shape the art of the future.
But he was an instrument of the law, a disciplined judge, and the prosecution had failed to meet the standards for a conviction.
Her conviction that the novel was a work of literary genius led her to stand up in the book's first promotion meeting.
And if they fail to produce it, a judge can overturn a conviction.
It suggests either poor judgment or a lack of conviction.
Their unhealthiness is their soundness, and is what carries conviction.
Unrealism reflects an entire generation's conviction that the world they have inherited is a crummy second-rate duplicate.
But secondly, there's a deep conviction in the euro area that monetary financing of governments is not the right way to go.
For the cops, an arrest is almost as good as a conviction.
With a drug conviction and no work history, his chances of getting employed seemed remote.
He's awestruck and fumbling-he doesn't possess, to our eyes, the conviction of a writer.
At nineteen, after dropping out of college, he impressed two local investors with his brilliance and his conviction.
There was a palpable conviction that the two revolutions were reliant on one another for their success.
With the guidance of her entourage, she invariably made the wrong decisions, and the result was humiliation and conviction.
The total state wants to drain all conviction from the writer.
The fine things in your first novel are there because you wrote them with a whole heart, from an intense conviction.
The prosecutor in the case says he is sure the conviction was right.
In his understated but sturdy main character he gives us an instance of one of the best who lack all conviction.
The zombie himself has never looked better, dripping with wounds, full of conviction.
The appointments deepened the capital's conviction that the exercise is doomed to stalemate.
Conviction does nothing to restore lost innocence, and acquittal seldom vindicates the right.

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