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Example sentences for conversant

The second one adds yet another requirement, namely, that candidates better be conversant in various theories.
Still, politicians are more conversant with human irrationality than most.
It is expected when expressing opinion on a subject someone must be well conversant on the subject.
But this may seem to be so only on the face of it and only to those who are not conversant with these matters.
Orthodontists, periodontists and those conversant in lower porcelain laminates.
Besides, many prominent colleagues in the field are conversant with neither language.
You'll be expected to be conversant in these topics and to be able to speak about all of this in a knowledgeable way.
Branding involves the location and arousal of affection, and you can't do it unless you are conversant in the language of romance.
Ordinary people need to know what information is available, and they need the training to be conversant in it.
The business world is full of people who are clever and conversant in current management concepts and fads.
They weren't necessarily technically conversant, but they had a general list of questions.
As for contemporary literature, well, younger people simply don't have the time to become conversant in it.
He could grab hold of a lot of styles and be conversant with them.
Every employer and employee shall comply and be conversant with the requirements and specifications of this part.
No statistician is conversant in all of the topics and methods in the field.
Educators should also be conversant in the specific culture of their students.
Must be able to remain conversant in new and emerging technologies.

Famous quotes containing the word conversant

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