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The consistency of chopped wet hay, the dung provides a hiding place for predatory insects and food for snails and fish.
They had the consistency of school paste and the density of doorstops.
Add enough melted butter to make mixture of the right consistency to shape.
Don't ever tell a copy editor that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.
Check for consistency in the appearance of your overheads and slides.
Lastly, the consistency of course content can also help students have a similar experience across sections.
However, there was a suspicious vagueness as to exactly how and when this miracle of consistency would emerge.
Cut shortening into flour mixture until consistency resembles small peas.
But there is also a deep consistency, both in approach and topic.
It has the leaden consistency and gaseous redolence of a diet thick with potatoes.
Maybe it's the consistency of belief that devolves into mere conformity.
In fact, his consistency has given him a kind of power in the current era.
Yet concerns over the encyclopedia's accuracy and consistency remain.
Consistency of this kind allows no spontaneity, let alone irony.
The importance of quality and consistency comes through in his food, and it is applicable to my business and across the industry.
For the gastronome, the grinder offered a new degree of fineness and consistency of texture.
Candor and consistency are not always public virtues.
Ever since using the software, we've had faster turnaround of reports without sacrificing the consistency and quality of reports.
But self consistency does not mean it describes our reality.
What physicists and pseud physicists do not understand is the difference between empirical consistency and logical consistency.
To discuss the consistency of a theory, the theory has to be precisely and axiomatically specified.
His precise proof of the consistency of the first order calculus used transfinite induction.
Most affordable home blenders can't match that consistency.
The consistency of its response to beauty in the study was startling.
The coffee foam attains its consistency with the help of a charged siphon.
Glaciers grind bedrock into a powder, with a consistency similar to flour, which is lifted into the air by winds.
It's an equalizing factor and a measure of consistency for attendees.
But intellectual consistency would then suggest that one would mis-trust any electronic device that makes use of this science.
It is a good tool for creating internal consistency for statements in an argument.
These data show remarkable consistency in national suicide rates over time, despite many technological changes.
Surely controversy could be avoided and consistency in the volumes could be achieved if the guidelines were made public.
With obsessive consistency, they are composed of circles and arcs.
Here's the thing with the food business: the only way to win is with consistency.
It's about simplicity and consistency: using the right tools, and being consistent, exfoliating without irritating.
By the time he's ready to apply the mixture to the instruments he makes, it has the consistency of mayonnaise.
Macerated brain, muddy brown and the consistency of toothpaste, oozed from the dural rent marking the bullet's entry.
Boil until they have the taste and consistency of a bar of soap.
In order to retain the public credibility of all traffic control devices, consistency in application is necessary.
Yet the consistency among the three compilations masks large uncertainties in the raw data on which they are based.
Best-of-fives, on the other hand, reward consistency.
Sheer, cussed consistency has earned him a pivotal role.
Consistency is a virtue in policy making and transparency is too.
Successful policy demands consistency and perseverance, as the cold war demonstrated.
But for the financial markets it is the consistency of the system that counts.
The lack of consistency in the definitions is a sure indicator of a conflict zone.
It's the consistency of the experiences, the reality of what they were describing.
Rather, it's the durability and consistency of his vision that is astonishing.
But the process remains inefficient, and both groups are working to find ways to increase its stability and consistency.
In hot, humid conditions, both players struggled for consistency.
Iowans will reward persistence, consistency and integrity.
However, he must show consistency and make intelligent shot selections.
If mixture is too dry, continue to add a little more oil, processing until desired consistency is reached.
Lunacy, small minds, foolish consistency runs on both sides of the fence.
The consistency remained remarkably elastic, with the spoon erect when planted in the cup.
Purée until smooth, adding more ice if needed to achieve a consistency that is no longer liquid, but still pours freely.
Another key to winning championships is consistency.
The company homogenizes the kelp sludge into an even consistency, then dries it out and packs it into large bricks.
But even regular output lends consistency and rigor to couture.
The stroke must have a great sense of self, rhythm and consistency.
Stir in the half-and-half and additional broth as needed to adjust the soup's consistency.
Mousse can be temperamental, requiring careful monitoring of temperature and lots of beating to come to the right consistency.
Whoever wins that job will have to show more consistency than they did a year ago, particularly on offense.
However, the sniper has found it tough to find the net with consistency.
What coaches, players and fans want from basketball officials is consistency.
He'll need to gain consistency to become a weekly fantasy starter, but he certainly has the talent.

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