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Example sentences for confirmation

There has been no official confirmation since of his whereabouts.
Hundreds of possible brown dwarfs are out there awaiting confirmation.
The idea here is that the confirmation bias is not a flaw of reasoning, it's actually a feature.
Confirmation of orbit insertion came about ten minutes later.
Hammer's paper simply adds human genotypic confirmation to the above phenotypic evidence.
Archaeopteryx was the first feathered dinosaur ever discovered and was a confirmation that birds had evolved from reptiles.
At the time the vote is cast, a confirmation number slip is printed.
But the bizarre new find finally provides concrete confirmation.
Target practice is a visual confirmation of how close you got.
It is confirmation of an event many of us have been wondering about and dreading for months.
The confirmation kicked off an explosion in extrasolar planet hunting.
We're constant to helping our travelers experience the world with the honesty and confirmation.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Good, another confirmation of quantum mechanics and weak measurements both.
Her confirmation hearings were surprisingly quiet for a figure long hated by the right.
Conspiracy theory and confirmation bias are the best you have to offer.
He can continue to do so while awaiting confirmation.
The confirmation process has been getting ever longer and more traumatic.
As usual, researchers haven't yet found confirmation.
If multiple universes are by definition not subject to empirical confirmation that is indeed a problem.
It lacks scientific integrity, it lacks broad subject-matter expertise, and displays widespread confirmation bias.
It also notifies astronomers of which newfound objects are in need of follow-up observations and confirmation.
Science relates to the public domain and yet it must find intuitive confirmation in the private domain also.
These appeals for confirmation to everyday facts run all through his essays.
We all rejoice with you in the confirmation of your appointment.
However, you know that the confirmation codes are different for each option.
Therefore, if the confirmation codes match the ones you wrote down on your receipt, you know that your vote was counted.
It'll be important to get confirmation of these idea before they can become mainstream.
So alternative interpretation acts as nothing but the further confirmation that the theory is logically inconsistent.
But there's still no confirmation on when that will be available.
Rather, he conceded, the study proved his own confirmation bias as a researcher.
But seeing all this firsthand mainly gives a more detailed confirmation of the impression they already had.
But when blood flows, no one seeks or needs confirmation.
Of course as soon as one has excited oneself with an idea, one finds confirmation of it everywhere.
Yet the paper regularly publishes official military claims about dead insurgents without any independent confirmation.
The first part of the study provided confirmation of work done previously by other groups, using different methods.
The obvious answer may be confirmation bias, an unwillingness to accept evidence that does not chime with my world view.
It's plainly obvious: you are guilty of precisely the confirmation bias that you are criticizing.
We can only guess at the discoveries that might follow the confirmation of string theory.
Another confirmation that science is always more fun to watch when there are explosions.
In logics term, rejection is deductive, confirmation is inductive.
Yes it is confirmation that cosmic rays cause nucleation, but the effect only accounts for a small fraction of all nucleation.
It also provides some confirmation of the correlation between high hypnotizability and tendency toward gullibility.
If nothing else, it's a great demonstration of confirmation bias.
When properly conceived and used, a checklist ensures communication and confirmation among members of a team and catches errors.
But it keeps me on my toes, requiring check-ins and confirmation of supervision at parties.
After the controversy of the first poll comes confirmation in the second.
The customer information is incorrect on the pre-confirmation page.

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