collusion in a sentence

Example sentences for collusion

There are a thousand questions about how to prevent collusion and other sorts of price manipulation.
The costs of collusion should make any boss think twice, though.
In good times industrial collusion, overseen by bureaucrats, is practically official policy.
Quiet diplomacy might work, but it can also let topics slip by and leave a public perception of indifference or collusion.
Secondly there was a collusion, all reports say there was one.
If they decrease output, it's on an individual basis, without any collusion.
Under certain market conditions, cartels arise naturally without collusion.
However, this might be similar to the collusion between the gas and car industry.
It will be interesting to see if there was collusion involved.
For the first time, the collusion rule would explicitly impose reporting requirements on applicants.
It was in this factual context that the court said a finding of collusion could not be based on speculation or innuendo alone.
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