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It may go by any name, or coalesce around an existing group, but has the characteristics described below.
Until there is such a lobby around which political support can coalesce, politically workable plans will not be generated.
Crucially, even in slow-expansion scenario, the protrusions eventually coalesce.
The experts did eventually coalesce around some powerfully simple points.
Eventually the party will have to have to coalesce around one candidate.
The city makes some efforts to support small businesses, and residents occasionally coalesce in support of them.
No matter how people coalesce into groups of common interest, each must go through one or the other counter.
Vapor molecules run off the hydrophobic runways and coalesce into droplets at the hydrophilic nodes.
The hydrogen and helium coalesce into stars, and inside those stars the heavier elements are forged by nuclear fusion.
However, clean logic and addiction don't always coalesce.
Big corporations eventually disintegrate, disgusted church members fall away and some coalesce into new churches.
These two facts can and must provide the basis of a shared interest around which the countries of the region can coalesce.
For whatever reason, their personalities couldn't coalesce.
Surrounding each egg are pinpoints of inflammation that eventually coalesce into scars.
Tens of thousands of years flash by in a few seconds as the churning gas clouds begin to coalesce into a nascent fireball.
In this case it has become a banner around which people coalesce, to tear it down or defend it.
In about a million years it would cool and coalesce into planets.
Then around twilight they'd begin to call and coalesce, and then they'd spend the night together.
And so they have been able to coalesce into dynastic shape.
But their own efforts to coalesce have faltered over issues of ideology and power sharing.
But some of the toccatas coalesce nicely, and if the others are not perfect, they have plenty of character.

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