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Maybe they will even get a hint of a clue about security.
Another way to clue an entry in cryptic crosswords is to call for an anagram of part of the clue itself.
They distract us mid-conversation and make us miss the critical clue in the mystery we're watching at the theater.
Much to his surprise, the shop-floor grunts often have no clue who he is.
Our digital nomad is checking in today with another photo clue.
Sugar is still pleasurable even when it isn't sweet-an important clue to the rise of obesity.
But you would not have a clue what she means from our popular culture.
The full video will presumably offer a clue to the film's still-perplexing plot.
The answer highlight indicates the current clue and the letter cells of its answer.
The thrill of uncovering the past is matched only by discovering a clue to the future.
Few people have a clue what happens in the state and local budgets.
Our digital nomad is at it again, sending us another tricky clue from down under.
Scientists discover an important clue in predicting future consequences of climate change: the mechanism that moves ice streams.
Today the stone offers no clue to its original purpose.
Put the same number of copies of the clue in the egg as there are kids.
Put your thinking caps on and guess where today's photo clue was taken.
Which was a clue that measuring methylation might give away age.
Alas, so many people don't have a clue as to how to make grits.
No flashing lights, no mangled cars, no clue to suggest what went wrong.
See some of the online postings for examples of clever clue writing.
Obviously you can't because you have no real clue what you are talking about.
It provides a clue to the processes beneath our feet.
The initial clue was so subtle that for nearly two days nobody noticed it.
Apart from some subtle badges, the only clue to the car's dual life is the presence of two fuel caps.
Jewelry and other items have been stolen, and now a break-in has been reported, which could be a clue.
Neuroscience has already provided us with one clue to this mystery.
Divers on the expedition first spotted a large anchor, the first clue that there might be some bigger find on the seafloor.
The bottom line is they have no clue about user interface.
But a clue has recently been uncovered from an unlikely source: the local cattle.
Because that region is linked to fear and anxiety, the finding provides a new clue to how the parasite manipulates behavior.
Something these pseudo sciences apparently haven't a clue about.
It would therefore give little clue as to what treatment, if any, she should seek if she tested positive.
But she thinks that perhaps the whales' diet might provide a clue.
Postmarks can sometimes provide a clue about where the hold-up occurred.
Another clue comes from the predatory habits of the closest living relatives of terror birds-seriema.
The first clue that organic molecules were adrift in space began as a puzzle in itself.
Being able to look at entire anti-atoms might give some further clue.
The humble wiener dog's stubby little legs hold a clue to both human dwarfism and evolution as a whole, a new study says.
Given the extra clue of shirt colour, the preponderance of misattribution was connected with apparent membership of a coalition.
For those who wonder about the sort of relief provided, its logo-a cannabis leaf-is a clue.
They give no clue as to what the colour may actually be.
Also, the shape and orientation of the available spots on the board give you a clue.
Ask students to find the clue to the word's definition.
Big clue in this sort of letter is the gender of the student shifting from paragraph to paragraph.
Still, many have little clue as to what makes such businesses succeed or fail.
Human trials are needed, but there's already a clue.
Remember you need to send in what all the clues have in common and where each clue comes from to be eligible.
Finding the wreckage might provide a clue as to why the spacecraft failed.
Still, she doesn't have a clue when it comes to cars.
There's a sense here that people who have not walked in your shoes don't have a clue.
Best to have a clue what you are talking about before criticizing others.
They are a key clue for scientists trying to figure out if small moon harbors a liquid water ocean under its frosty surface.
Some faculty seem to have no clue what they are signing when they sign the copyright agreement.
PS and it helps to have some clue of what you are talking about.
Yet the fact that everybody believes in fairness is a clue to what's wrong with the notion.
Belly has no clue what the end of this summer may bring but in the end it's a summer she will never forget.
No clue as to when these will actually be released, though.
Their research productivity will give you some clue as to what is expected.
The name is the first clue to why alternative fuels are a hot topic for pilots.
But the kids-ages three, four, and eight-didn't have a clue.
Unless you have been there, you have no clue how it feels.
The increasingly rainbow-coloured character of organised crime is a clue to its maturity.
If the patient remembers finding a tick, or develops a rash, that's a big clue.
Even his prowess as a parliamentarian should have been a clue.
Each feature is a clue to how a species makes its living.
In the middle column, write any background knowledge you have related to that clue.
Though it has not been confirmed it's related to the others, it does add another clue to this bizarre mystery.
Sacking your top bosses while giving little clue why is scarcely a recipe to calm financial markets.
No one seems to even have a clue about quality of life anymore.
The ten-year rise in the gold price yet unaccompanied by inflation should give you a clue.
We had no clue what surprising experiences and monumental revelations awaited.
The seriousness with which he pushes that proposal will be the first real clue as to how genuine his intentions are.
Play five exciting new mini-games to challenge clue solving skills.
When it comes to national security, those people have no clue.
So the scope of the eventual settlements will give some clue as to whether the legal bandwagon has slowed down.
It was meant to refer to the drivers, who were heading up a track with nary a clue where they were.
All said, observing the cognition of primates may help provide a clue or two into the cognition of humans.
People in this thread don't seem to have a clue what socialism is.
Not only are they admirers, but their admiration is perhaps a clue both to much of their merit and to some of their defects.
In cold cases the key to solving the crime is often an overlooked clue in the original file.
It's a funny reference, but it's also a clue to how she came to build her new sound, employing culturally incongruous elements.
It's one clue that they may have evolved an advanced, warm-blooded physiology similar to birds and mammals.
How amazing that theres still some tribes out there we've no clue about living away from our society.
Maybe it is near the base of the ice sheet-the grit could be a clue-maybe not.
The finding provides a clue to one type of aggression, but not an explanation for it.
But they also know that you are a pushover who has no clue that their culture is far more draconian.
What is elaborated in this manuscript is in no way satisfactory, but it does provide a clue that embellishment is permitted.
One clue comes from the study of returns during total lunar eclipses.
The problem is that today's equipment doesn't give us any clue of where the problem might be.
Then the oil will be directed and sucked into ships until they get a clue as to what they are doing.
Examination of its subsystems affords no clue to the whole.
If physicists had any clue, they would know that not only is c the fastest speed in the universe, it is also the slowest speed.
Nobody has a clue how to build something this small outside of the lab.
The puzzle pieces were coming together, and there was one more clue.
Ask them how many calories they burned doing all of that, however, and they'll have no clue.
His first clue came largely by accident, as he was decoding the protein's amino acid sequence.
They function as a gnomic clue that what you are seeing is intentional, while discouraging further conversation or inquiry.
The model, in fact, contains a clue to a long-lost treasure.
Simply put, a bracketed clue indicates a nonverbal answer.
Daisy, on the night of her wedding, disappears from her room without leaving the remotest clue.
But as the years went by, some non-golfers joined the group, and they had no clue about the dress code and didn't much care.
She was a commanding figure in every sense but one: she had no clue how to handle her money.
No one has any clue how to fix the gloomy situation.
So the weight as well as the size of the eaves must be a clue to the pagoda's ability to survive.
They had no clue how much different insurers paid for the same procedure, or what share a patient would pay.
His decisions on climate change will be a clue to whether domestic or global interests take priority.
There's your first clue that someone is talking out his rear.
Yet none of these theories gives much of a clue to whether, at any particular point, firms' debts are too high or too low.
But a clue is that coal is still the cheapest way to get electricity to make the air conditioners work.
The people he has working for him are idiots that read from a script that have no clue.
Conspiracy theorists who think that this is all a farce don't have a clue.
Well, thanks for giving me a clue as to what scares your industry.
Perhaps the fantastic schooling movements of many species of fish offer a clue: line-dancing protects us against predation.
Several brain scans and blood tests gave no clue as to why she seized.
Having not read the article should have been your first clue that you didn't understand it.
Nonetheless, many people haven't a clue about podcasts.
Another clue is they aren't asking for you to pay any money upfront to get started.
But a seemingly harmless--and nearly ubiquitous--virus may provide a valuable clue.
The white spots on the bats were an early clue that something unusual had killed them.
They cleaned out the pigeon droppings because they had no clue where the noise was coming from, so they had to check.
These facts provide a clue to how the strange behavior evolved.
We have no clue what these phonies who steal physics vocabulary are trying to say.
Will gives us no particular clue about that in his column.
At this point declarer had no clue as to how the spades were divided.
The first clue is the predictable production choices.
And she wouldn't have had a clue if she had waited too long.
Many therapists have no clue how to treat borderlines.
Then the subjects would have to find it, with the only clue being that the scientists would look toward the hiding place.
But they provide a clue as to his essential nature as a politician.

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