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Faculty should use their collective clout, such as it is, to reduce administrative dependence on these ratings.
Many of his original followers are now successful businessmen, and their political clout is increasing.
It still wins in economic clout thanks to its huge financial sector.
If clout is the new currency, in other words, it already has its share of counterfeiters.
She now has the clout to start her own production company.
But despite its clout, the show is not aging gracefully.
If it moved further to the periphery, its clout in negotiations would be further reduced.
If your family lacks clout, an alternative is to attach yourself to a well-placed patron.
They relish their country's growing military clout and economic sophistication.
His opponents argue that regional deals can strengthen exporters' political clout, so raising the odds of freer global trade.
Some people hoped that the financial crisis would reduce the clout of the wealthy.
If his ideas gain clout within the church, that could greatly improve the lot of the poor.
Another way in which monetary policy retains some of its clout is through the exchange rate.
Their efforts will be hampered by the growing clout of state-owned businesses.
Exchanges will have the same purchasing clout as big businesses and will give consumers a choice of plans to fit their needs.
The larger the cooperative, the more clout it has to negotiate favorable prices and coverage.
He says that as blacks gain financial and political clout, the need to integrate decreases.
They have the clout to get past the top hurdle that films face to make money: distribution.
The political clout of seniors will be tested as the cost of medical care grows.
If the merging middlemen can gain some market clout, they might be able to retain their early advantage.

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