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Bribery, betting and betrayal are the order of the day, and secret negotiations and clandestine plots abound.
While the relationship was private, it can hardly be called furtive or clandestine.
Biological weapons are not only more potent than chemical weapons but they are easier to produce in small, clandestine facilities.
And a handful of the youngest ones are scouts for the clandestine betting houses in the city center.
They've spent billions and billions over the decades, in their clandestine effort.
All signs suggest that this clandestine traffic is increasing.
Given the clandestine nature of the business, such estimates can be no more than educated guesses.
Potential explanations range from the mechanical to the clandestine.
The secretive sub is rumored to have gone on other clandestine missions since its retooling.
Given the conditions, there is nothing surprising about the persistence of a clandestine drug trade in the region.
In many ways, his behavior and life style are those of a clandestine party boss.
Kids may be playing games they're not supposed to through clandestine means, but the law wouldn't have prevented that.
Stories about espionage and counterespionage, clandestine operations and prisoner-of-war escapes flooded the market after the war.
There were the mindless and the meddlesome as well as those who turned to direct action or clandestine activity.
But of course they're far more clandestine emotionally.
Broad reflections on the role of concealment in unconventional warfare and other clandestine operations.

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