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Example sentences for chutzpah

Even text that is bold, italicized, and underlined all at once doesn't begin to approach the in-your-face chutzpah of all caps.
It takes a certain chutzpah for an operatic and concert performer to take art songs into a cabaret setting.
Working for yourself requires entrepreneurial spirit and chutzpah.
How they came together is a story of friendship and courtship, of bereavement and a bit of chutzpah.
Though the long jump remains her weakest event, her chances of making good on her chutzpah appear to be improving.
Throughout his career he had the intellectual chutzpah to trumpet the implications of his work.
But recognizing what must be done is quite different from summoning the political chutzpah to achieve it.
As with her husband, for all her considerable chutzpah, there is a surprising shyness about her.
Such chutzpah is enough to get attention in today's academic world.
For these firms to say they add liquidity and beg to be left alone because of the good they do is chutzpah.
The plaintiff's efforts to minimize the importance of the withheld information are pure and simple chutzpah.
The word is chutzpah, and it has several possible connotations.
Such chutzpah gets his full attention, and it's fascinating to watch.
Regular readers may accuse this blogger of chutzpah given the many typos that occur.
What resonates is its unambiguous wisdom, humour and chutzpah.
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