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If something happens to your e-reader, that's a huge chunk of change gone down the drain.
However, as the comments indicate here, a good chunk of the product coming in is not properly tested and lacks in performance.
Put together, the meteorite became almost whole again, with the missing chunk offering a glimpse of the sparkling interior.
Exactly how that chunk is allocated will depend on the local conditions the adult has to face.
Both parties must be largely donated to by the same chunk of people.
Residential investment, which is driven by new housing starts, makes up a large chunk of the volatile bit of the economy.
But the biggest chunk is for new hydroelectric projects.
His boast is probably too high-no accurate figures are available-but it certainly a sizeable chunk.
The north wants a fat chunk of the revenues as a fee.
They make up a substantial chunk of the execution lobby.
If they keep it running, they often end up with a big chunk of equity, if not outright control.
The two strike up a flirtatious exchange that carries them through an affair, and which makes up a large chunk of the narrative.
The current polling shows that he takes a big chunk of voters from her.
First, a worker undermined a chunk of coal by chipping away at the foot of it with his pick, creating a gap called a kerf.
But they're not, in part because executives would rather wait until they own a bigger chunk of the company.
Maybe you're a professor who wants to use a chunk of copyrighted material in your course this spring.
It's a hefty chunk of change for any start-up, but the publicity may be even more valuable.
Let's turn to another significant chunk of the for-profit student demographic: veterans and their families.
But not enough to solve a significant chunk of the problem.
So those qualifying for these ultra-low rates must have pretty spotless credit histories and a pretty significant chunk of equity.
Any flavor more dainty than a chunk of sizzling pork, with a pad of browned fat and skin, would be lost in the rich flow of beer.
The final big chunk of the money could go to national security.
If you take away a huge chunk of that burden, then there won't be as great a barrier to having children.
It seems that a big chunk of our cost may come from picking up the gold plated pensions.
If you see this plant in the desert, you see only a dried chunk of loose wood.
It came as a chunk with the rind on, and she sliced it thick and slowly browned it until it was crisp.
But it took a chunk of change to make everybody else sit up and take notice.
Go out and get yourself a decent can of puréed tomatoes, a chunk of dried sausage.
The crust is dark and crunchy and below it is a soft-chunk potato pillow that is astonishingly grease-free.
Now that a large chunk of my media consumption is in color, these displays don't cut it.
There is no better way to make hydrogen unless big oil gets a large chunk of the change.
Requiring that everyone and everything be certified and audited will put a huge chunk of the software industry out of business.
In a synchronous, reactive software system, a huge chunk of the code has a fixed or deterministic temporal signature.
Thats a big chunk and remember it is directly proportional to population.
If there is a correlation, a guard opens the bag to see whether the brick is a chunk of explosive or a block of cheese.
The truth is, that's good enough for a large chunk of consumers.
Depending on the model, they can take a large chunk of a minute to get up to speed.
Depending on the size of your family, you're looking at a sizable extra chunk of change for your minions to see those minions.
The stellar cannibal flared in brightness and threw off a shell of gas after devouring a large chunk of a helpless companion.
Most people spend a major chunk of their waking hours at work, where often the boss looms large.
The pond has been known to freeze completely into a chunk of ice during extremely cold temps.
Modern technology should be able to keep records of much smaller modules of achievement than a whole year chunk.
What's interesting is that shale gas provides an ever-growing chunk of natural gas as other conventional sources decline.
And then a bird flew by and dropped a baguette chunk on my head and made me drop one of the flashlights.
Aggressive energy efficiency, demand management and conservation can make up another chunk.
It also costs our country a solid chunk of change each year in travel inefficiency.
It was influential in formalizing the concept of a chunk.
Each of these launches, each chunk of alloy and package of electronics, was made to reach across interplanetary space.
These cash payments can add up over time and account for a big chunk of total returns.
Look under a chunk of plastic afloat in the ocean and you're likely to spot a fish or two.
The effect would have been as though a lousy cosmic golfer tore up a giant chunk of turf and sent it hurtling into orbit.
In late winter, females climb onto a chunk of ice to give birth.
Another sizable chunk of the land could be leased to agribusinesses for farming.
For starters, one crucial source of information is what's known as a zero-age sample: a chunk of lava fresh from the lake.
Besides accounting for a sizable chunk of total catches, anglers tend to target bigger fish.
Part of the answer is that there was a huge chunk of the mortgage market that was not regulated to any significant extent.
All that was needed to choose among them was a chunk or two of the object in question.
If you come across a wayward chunk of moon, don't try to cash in on it.
It may seem strange to talk about a chunk of computer code in the same way you talk about a cherry tree or a dolphin.
But the parietal lobe is a huge chunk of neural real estate.
And that brings us to the first idea: a comet or other large chunk of material was orbiting a neutron star.
They searched for fragments of a meteorite--an asteroid or a chunk of one--but found none.
But domestic cats, feral or otherwise, take a big chunk of out of wildlife populations.
Gasoline prices take a growing chunk out of consumer.
She proffers the long-handled spoon with a chunk of dog food to them, one by one.
If you're doing heavy customization, you'd better be prepared to spend a good chunk of time playing code detective.

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