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Thus, this genealogical detective story also becomes part memoir, part family chronicle and part history lesson.
Collectively, these addresses chronicle the course of this country from its earliest days to the present.
But the story of his life must be admitted to be in its externals a painful and somewhat sordid chronicle.
Most superhero stories chronicle the rise of heroes above their humanity.
My stepfather has kept a decades-long chronicle of his fake career.
With a political career in mind, he cast about for a biographer to chronicle his exploits.
It is a grimly compelling chronicle of paternal enabling and filial profligacy.
He stares into the middle distance as he begins a ghastly and meticulous chronicle of the deaths.
It is a rare life that hasn't a few deplorable incidents in its chronicle.
So far, the trilogy had been a straight chronicle of individual failure.
The next week was probably as important as the previous two, but someone else will have to chronicle its inner dramas.
And then she did something quite unique: she started to chronicle her experiences on her blog.

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When in the chronicle of wasted time I see descriptions of the fairest wights, And beauty making beautiful ... more
Paper is soft and ink is fluid; it might be better if some pages of this chronicle could be written on chip... more
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