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The group, and an expanding chorus of fretful bloggers, reckon that life is imitating art.
The group has never produced many verse-chorus-verse songs, and there are dangers in that approach.
The grand opera chorus strike didn't come off yesterday.
Some people may sign up with the local community chorus or dramatic society.
These woes, and more, are frequently sung in chorus for this all-time favorite dessert.
The lights advance, accompanied by a chorus of voices.
Teenagers who grow up with this chorus in their heads have a venue for self-absorption that their parents never imagined.
Crouching, he took a few steps into the colony, setting off a frantic chorus of alarm.
It lends power to the chorus of voices insisting that evolutionary psychology should be considered more a movement than a science.
Leave the windows thrown open to catch the nighttime chorus of crickets and the river's constant, gentle whoosh.
The quarterback drops back, immediately surrounded by a chorus of grunts and groans, the sounds of linemen colliding.
But a growing chorus saying that the pact is flawed is one thing.
The track's washed-out reverb chorus and resonant organ chords certainly evoke ethereal sensations.
After the panel, a chorus emerged that has been rising in pitch.
But it has become something else as well: the target for a growing chorus of critics.
And though the chorus of masculine complaint has risen and fallen, it has rarely been as loud as it is today.
They communicate with a distinctive call, which at night often develops into a raucous canine chorus.
Members of the chorus span several generations, some even within the same family.
The chorus performs frequently for charitable organizations.
The segment mentioned an elementary school chorus which performed the song.
Proponents of objectivity argue that its loss will mean a chorus of shrill, confusing voices further obscuring the truth.
Together they produce an ear-ringing chorus to the gathering night.
Everyone was laughing until the chorus came back, and he returned to the lyrics on the screen.
When he raised his voice during the chorus, the turkeys joined in.
They can't do jazz standards-they lack the technical skills to make it past the chorus.
At night, campers may hear a chorus of howling coyotes, accompanied by the deep hooting of the endangered great gray owl.
The trees and shrubs also provide nocturnal shelter for the birds, to judge from the boisterous avian chorus at sunset.
Somehow, one thin ply of no-see-um proof gauze didn't seem sufficient in the face of this large-mammal chorus.
Yet the chorus of lawmakers who now say they oppose the measures have not publicly itemized their objections.
And all along the way the chorus of naysayers will insist it simply can't be done.
There is no way to isolate a juror or anyone else from the pervasive media and their chorus of messages.
He takes to his feet when he hits the chorus, and he's joined on the stage by a gospel choir.
He starts the final chorus on his knees at the end of the catwalk, and the place goes nuts.
Such is the world of politics that the chorus of boos hadn't died down before the second-guessing began.
Even the chorus of patriotic opposition has died down.
Over the last decade, there has been a chorus of critics proclaiming that they have not done a good enough job.
Finally, morning dawns, bringing with it a chorus of birds.
On a darkened set of bleachers behind him a vague chorus laments the donkey's fate.
What's worrying is that he sometimes pushed his voice to a shout when orchestra and chorus kicked in behind him.
In fascist and communist politics, the will is staged publicly, in the drama of the leader and the chorus.
Small wonder that the close of the play is a chorus of renunciation.
Other writers read the advance copies, joined the chorus of cheer-ing.
Even for those of us consigned to the chorus, sometimes months went by without a single production with children in it at all.
Chorus members, who must audition, also receive educational and career guidance.
Soon, other males congregate and add their voices to the chorus.

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A silence already filled with noises, A canvas on which emerges A chorus of smiles, a winter morning.... more
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