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Given its charm and allure, the polar bear's possible demise has struck a chord with people over the world.
For college presidents, personal charm is a double-edged sword that must be wielded deftly.
Its charm may have been buried under new concrete, but it is ready for business.
Sociopaths are unlikely to cause physical harm, preferring to manipulate and charm to get what they want.
They blend together wonderfully which is all part of this city's charm.
These sunny giants bring old-fashioned charm and a bounty of edible seeds.
It might not be the biggest air show in the world, but its definitely got charm.
Next year, he'll once again find a happy home with another team, which evidently believes that this time will be the charm.
Political memoirs aim to make money and charm voters.
In which a marine scholar uses science and charm to sound the alarm about the state of the coasts.
New walnut veneers restore period charm to the original kitchen cabinets.
It is a metropolis with the lazy charm of the countryside.
Wine shops often have all the charm of a cardboard box.
These pieces of gold and silver jewellery, all of exceptional charm and sophistication, are a revelation.
Apply craft glue to the back of a button or charm and place on the ribbon for a buckle.
It has the serendipitous charm of a flea market, but the quality of a high-end boutique.
The charm isn't meant to ward off technology traumas.
Our historic town hasn't lost its charm to national chains.
The four-year-old-first crown prince and then uncrowned pretender-served nine decades longer, with brains and charm.
Much of the charm of plena lies in its narrative character.
He suggested hanging buoys, yacht pennants, and old lighthouse lanterns to telegraph nautical charm.
Bleak thoughts and observations thread through the book, but this is part of its charm.
Its protective charm is an eye-catching addition to any decor.
There is a small downtown that has some charm to it.
Although it is certainly antiquated technology today, the gaslight retains a charm that electric lighting simply can't match.
True, the walled-off nature of these communities is part of their charm.
Remember that every social interaction is an opportunity for you to showcase your charm and good manners.
Moving obituary and reminder of what can be achieved with vision and a good character as well as charm.
It is these little details that give the journals their charm.
The charm he learned as a jewelry seller helped him enormously in academe.
He pursued me with all the considerable wit and charm he could deploy.
Not even for its romance, although that is surely part of its charm.
Today, this folk art is more apt to charm than shock.
And, as you can see here, those clusters also have sufficient charm to stand alone.
The other two pairs consist of the charm and strange quarks, and the top and bottom quarks.
His charm, however, and his sizable vocabulary inspired people to help him.
They allegedly caused people's guns to misfire when they were aimed at the charm-bearers.
The charm of the the simple declarative sentence cannot be overstated.
But in academic writing, the charm of such quirky tics and accents often falls away.
Think of the national emblem, a blossoming thistle, and you have a hint of its prickly charm.
Sounds weird, and it is, but that's precisely the charm.
But this group hike isn't exactly all about the solitary contemplation of nature, and that's part of its charm.
Old-world charm, cozy library, and big buffet breakfasts with complimentary sparkling wine.
No other account of the old district school approaches this one in charm.
The alleged power to charm down insanity, or ferocity in beasts, is a power behind the eye.
This, however, does not rob the poem either of its power or its charm.
It may not always work, but when it does the charm certainly shines through.
Never properly defined, it meant different things to different people, which of course added to its charm.
The theology was complicated, despite the jut-jawed charm and aquiline intensity with which it was expressed.
But almost all expect a bounce-back later in the year, as monetary easing works its charm.
It was done with great charm, so you could not take offence.
Both of them require charm, courtesy and the desire to understand the ideas and opinions of others.
For instance, a charm part might be a little flower, or some sort of antenna might give you the charm ability.
Instead, she tries to be adorable, to charm the audience.
In him, the charm of agony replaces the charm of action.
It's an alienating experience, without emotional resonance or charm.
Charm and quarrelsomeness in equal parts are necessary.
His charm and wit in that movie were quite remarkable.
Consider the vexing question of charm, and the colorlessness of life without it.
There is less prodigality of words and of figures than in some earlier work, and the charm is that of fitness rather than form.
The author parodies the visiting writers-their platform personae and interview manners-with charm and astuteness.
It lacks the charm and character of a citrus grove, an apple orchard, or even a field of corn.
She recounts in detail her nervousness around him, her supposedly dangerous fascination with his charm.
Yet, part of the charm of these shows is the complete normalcy of their stars.
There are fewer pedestrians and fewer trees, and there is less charm.
Use your charm and your connections, and get what you ask for.
That's part of their personal charm, and theater is a personal business.
But though it lacks drive, it has a laid-back charm.
Tenderness-provided they possess a physical charm, which makes their tenderness worth having.
She switched off the charm as soon as she stepped offstage.
Being a tad outlandish without the smash-up carries a certain charm.
He bewitches a courtroom with charm, wit, and a deadly sting.
The charm of drinking yourself sick and vomiting on someone was as much of a mystery to me then as it is now.
Wherever he went, he craved the limelight and aspired to the top, whether through charm or falsehood.
As it turns out, the third time isn't always a charm.
Her natural instinct is to charm, to disarm, to retreat from harm.

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