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Early laws fixed the price that tavern-keepers could charge for a drink, so they couldn't cater to wealthy patrons.
If people charge during the day, when electric load is highest, power companies may have to build peaking natural gas plants.
Sometimes a deferred charge load is based on the initial share purchase amount instead of the fund's value at sale.
Charge controllers regulate the electricity flowing from the generation source into your battery or load.
The university is allowed to charge fees, which cannot be used for instructional purposes.
The first is to charge readers for individual articles.
If the charge has not completed, then the pending authorizations will come off within a few business days.
There is a way to charge your car during day light hours for free.
So my first job was helping people find the lots they couldn't locate and being in charge of the keys to the locked cabinets.
There is no additional charge other than general admission.
The claim is to be able to charge your phone by typing on it.
Kennan took seriously the charge that he must become a scholar.
It would be unworkable to require airlines to offer tall people extra legroom as a matter of course and without charge.
One of the big hurdles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles is the time it takes to charge the battery.
The charge would be laughable if some people didn't take it seriously.
Secondly: personal charge accounts at public charging stations.
Moreover, positrons carry electric charge and naturally repel each other.
We were up in a big car looking down on him, but somehow he was in charge.
Most paid music services charge you for downloading or streaming songs.
Miller in an e-mail exchange that he could face a criminal charge if he rehung the poster or another one similar to it.
When the cost of serving a single customer is trending to zero, smart companies will charge nothing.
One solution to this learning challenge is to turn the task into a game in which students take charge of their own learning.
They are known as neutral mesons because they carry no net electric charge.
Imagine if you could charge people for wasting your time.
The electron's antimatter counterpart, known as a positron, carries a positive charge.
Let's charge people even more taxes and fees for trying to take a step toward utilizing renewable energy.
And that's a problem for the scientists in charge of the science of measurement.
The charge should be aimed at the direct center of the target.
Bright, direct sunlight will provide a better charge than sun obscured by clouds or windows.
One drawback of electric vehicles, aside from range, is the time required to charge the battery.
Tell those in charge to get this money released today.
It might not always be evident as to who is actually in charge.
As recollections age, different brain areas take charge of the upkeep.
For centuries, researchers have known that clouds of neutral particles can sometimes gain a net charge.
One professor is in charge of saving the beetle from harm if the pipeline is approved.
Small fast war bands might have an advantage similar to a charge in cavalry, by attacking from the rear, etc.
Matter and antimatter share nearly identical properties except the antiparticle has an opposite electric charge from the particle.
The only alternative to charging the content providers is to charge individual consumers more for access, which seems undesirable.
Electrodes at the bases of the fibers collected the charge.
The potato experiment uses electrodes of two different metals to set up a charge difference that gets local electrons flowing.
Whether or not another chimpanzee was present, the chimp in charge chose to the two-food-item option about half the time.
They did not charge admission to their park, allowing visitors to wander freely among the rides and stands.
The engine will drive a generator that will charge the batteries.
Now, as finance minister, he is in charge of an economy on the rise.
Once down there, the officer in charge of the shop would make a count himself.
Each text message, sent or received, may incur a charge as provided in your rate plan.
But survivors push emotion aside and put cognition in charge.
Charge has to conduct in the cloud that is gaining or losing charge.
Or you can charge its internal battery to have power on hand when the sun sets.
Even after the negative charge had worn off, the water remained in supercooled liquid form.
As an added bonus, the government supplies ammunition free of charge.
When he slows at a red light, he can choose which device he wants to charge up.
Other countries can deposit seeds without charge and reserve the right to withdraw them upon need.
The bear eventually gave up on its charge to sniff the people's bags and equipment.
They charge and perform other displays that are terrifying by design.
These amounts go up when you add batteries and a charge converter for a stand-alone system.
Admission to the garden and the plant sale is free-of-charge.
Water molecules are polar and one end has a slight negative charge, the other a slight positive charge.
Because amino acids have a slight electrical charge, they are pulled through the tube.
In the first sense, sir, the charge is too trifling to be confuted and deserves only to be mentioned to be despised.
Fearing the obligations of that charge, he fled and hid himself, but was discovered and compelled to take it upon him.
Admission and parking are always free, but there may be a charge for special events.
It is clearly unaffordable for the cash-strapped government that must one day take charge of it.
It has exacerbated the system's flaws: nobody was in charge of the operation.
As overall capacity increases, however, prices transit providers can charge drop precipitously.
They could allow utilities to charge different rates at different times of day.
The latter in particular has been accused of stealing newspapers' content and undermining their attempts to charge for it.
Author-editor clashes are common at these journals, the only scholarly publications that put students in charge.
The rationale for indirect costs also explains why you can't charge all supplies to your grant.
The riot police charge, and bystanders hide in their doorways.
Libraries might consider whether to charge students for this increasingly important and central service.
Instead, insurance companies will be required to provide the coverage free of charge.
The testing service will offer them a chance to retake the test at no charge.
For example, a proton has a positive electric charge, but an antiproton has a negative electric charge.
The stored charge can vary in time due to contamination or seepage.
Unscrew charge holder from head and put in a charger.
Picture a head chef with the kitchens of a large establishment under his charge.
But if you want someone to take charge of your children, you can take your pick, and they can all start tomorrow.
In charge of the master plan in both cases, he is designing new edifices for each site.
No matter who was put in charge, things didn't get better.
It would value more deposits, so it will charge the lower income individual a larger checking account service fee.
The charge has since been removed from the party's website.
Its size gives it the clout to squeeze its vendors so it can charge customers less.
And it requires that you charge an above-average fee.
It's getting harder and harder for manufacturers to charge premium prices for so-called premium brands.
The answer is that the diagnosis is often accompanied by an implicit or explicit charge of racism.
And, in the end, our own consulting firm will only need to charge eleven billable hours.
They'll charge you a fee, but you'll get your money.
Retail shops charge a hundred and thirty dollars a pound for it.
Lithium-ion batteries could last longer if their electrodes stored more charge.
High-power batteries accept and deliver charge rapidly.
When you want to charge your device, you'd wrap specially designed earphones around the tower, multiple times.
While a capacitor has lower capacity than a battery, it also is much more efficient to charge.
Unlike combustion engines, the oxygen absorbed by a zinc-air battery during discharge is released during charge.
But all such devices can only hold so much charge, beyond which arcing occurs between the electrodes, wasting the stored power.
As large volumes of lithium ions move in and out of the material during charge and discharge, silicon swells and cracks.
Today's computers rely on moving and storing electronic charge in semiconductors.
Until now, all electronic components such as transistors have exploited a single property of the electron: its charge.
The range-extending gas engine is meant to address one of the main drawbacks of electric cars-their limited range on a charge.
But the chlorophyll's not involved in charge transport.
In ordinary operation, the generator cycles on and off, keeping the battery at an optimal state of charge.
Airlines want to encourage you to use e-tickets, and many charge extra if you buy your tickets on the phone, rather than online.
Scientists have found evidence that the self-aware part of our brains isn't always in charge.
But because the charge coming out of a smaller electrode is more concentrated, the charge is more likely to burn the retina.
Existence is a concept much easier to understand than for example energy or electric charge.
Both measure the amount of charge in a single event.
Yes, charge can only exist on an object, although that object might be sub-atomic in size.
These charged atoms or molecules are known as ions, and the amount of charge on an ion is known as its oxidation state.
The alternative is to squabble endlessly about who ought to be in charge.
Put the rocket scientists in charge and back their ideas.
When the sphere is slightly deformed by an electric charge, light enters.
The first exists and has positive energy but reversed charge.
Dusk is falling and the air has a kind of buzzing tension to it, as if it carries an electrical charge.
She had expert nannies in charge, not to mention her own parents, who were eager to keep their grandson company.
He's still in charge but no one expects him to actually do anything.
The anti-discrimination laws give you a limited amount of time to file a charge of discrimination.
Your health plan may allow you to receive these services from an out-of-network provider, but may charge you a fee.
The number for total charges reflects the number of individual charge filings.
We are not responsible for their solicitations and are not responsible for the rates that they charge.
More often, foot soldiers defeated the charge by moving out of the way of the horses or by occupying strong defensive positions.
Apart from the prescription charge, the service is free to all patients.
The district attorney dismissed the charge five days later.
He is ashamed of his good fortune and tries to pay for it by giving the children in his charge every care and attention.

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